Accounting Tax Report No. 46

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Below follows the summary of the topics analyzed:

• Commented regulations:

(i) Modifications to the taxation of passive income from abroad
(ii) Reduction of VAT for beneficiaries of Family Allowance Equity Plan
(iii) Adjustments to the withholdings of investment

fund managers • Commented jurisprudence:

(i) Tax residence in Uruguay: court limits the possibility of obtaining it
(ii) Advertisements on vehicles: does the mere logo of a brand generate the obligation to pay tax?

• DGI inquiries:

(i) Profits sent by a Uruguayan branch to its headquarters abroad…
(ii) Compensation for “partial dismissal”: taxed or not by Personal Income Tax?
(iii) I sell a property that I acquired in halves: how do I determine the Personal Income Tax to be paid?

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