Anti-corruption and AML in Mexico

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Anti-corruption and AML in Mexico: Trends and developments. The Global Anti-Corruption Perspective

The fight against corruption and the fight against new forms of money laundering (AML) are issues that should occupy a central place in the public policy agenda of any country. These endeavors are deeply connected.  For a government to have better results in tackling these problems, it must put in place a broad-based system to investigate and prosecute such misconduct, most notably with a great degree of coordination among all the agencies in charge.

First, in the fight against corruption, it is essential that the different authorities exercise their powers across the board, share information, investigate the conduct of possible offenders (individuals and public servants), and impose sanctions. All of this needs to take place while respecting the constitutional principles of presumption of innocence and the obligation of an accuser to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

In Mexico, unfortunately, concerns still arise…

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