Critical Aspects of the Transparency Registry Declarations and Final Beneficiaries of Trusts

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As is known, the trustees of private, national or foreign trusts that carry out activities within the territory, will have to present the ordinary declarations of the Registry of Transparency and Final Beneficiaries in the month of April, as well as the other obligated subjects, except when they are trusts. with recently assigned legal ID, for which the obligor will have a period of twenty days to present the declaration. Likewise, they must present an extraordinary declaration when there is a change in the parties and/or data supplied, for which they will have a period of fifteen days.

Ordinary returns filed in the 2021 period and for which the trustees require updating information must do so only once in April 2022 and not within the fifteen-day period as stipulated in joint resolution NDGT-ICD-R-012-2021, since the system is not yet enabled to perform data updates.

For the presentation of the ordinary returns for the first time, it is important to take into consideration the information that is required to be able to comply with this obligation.

A critical aspect of these declarations is that…

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