Czech Government extends “Antivirus” programme offering employer financial aid

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December 2021 – The Government of the Czech Republic has extended its “Antivirus” programme, offering employment protections for businesses affected by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Antivirus provides a partial reimbursement of employee remuneration costs incurred as result of an inability to allocate work due to certain so-called barriers on the part of the employer or the employee. On 29 November 2021, the Czech government extended both Antivirus programme regimes (A and B) until 28 February 2022. Regime A had previously been set to expire by the end of 2021, while Regime B expired on 31 May 2021.

  • Regime A assists employers whose employees have been ordered into quarantine or isolation due to a positive Covid-19 status. The contribution covers 80% of the wage compensation paid to the employees, including levies – but not more than CZK 39,000 per month, per employee.
  • Regime B assists employers facing Covid-19-related economic difficulties, such as limitations on operational resources, reductions in demand for products or services, or those facing significant employee shortages as a result of imposed staff quarantines. The amount covers 60% of the wage compensation paid to the employees, including levies – but not more than CZK 29,000 per month, per employee.

The existing Antivirus programme agreements reached between the Czech Labour Office and specific employers will remain in force. Employers who have not yet concluded such agreements can submit applications via the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs website.

The Antivirus programme itself is set to run until 30 June 2020, with the financial contribution periods under both regimes subject to extension or review.

In the event that the Antivirus programme’s funding is prematurely exhausted, the Czech Government may decide on temporary suspension of this programme. In such an event, payments would cease until the necessary funding is re-authorised, presumably by the incoming Czech government.

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