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Firm Overview:
Concern Dialog Law Firm, founded in 1998, provides services in litigation, representation, and legal advising. The firm has 20 years of hands-on experience of working with individuals and corporate clients. During previous years, Concern Dialog and its partners received a number of mentions and recognition in the world leading law initiatives such as Chambers and Partners, Legal 500, and IFLR 1000.

Main Areas of Practice:
Litigation & Arbitration
Labour Law & Employment
Tax Law & Tax Litigation
Competition Law
Real Estate & Construction
Charity & Not-For-Profit
Contracts & Transactions Renewable Energy
Mining & Resources
Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT)

Contracts & Transactions:
Concern Dialog offers the following services in the field of contract and transaction law:
■ Drafting and review of contracts
■ Consulting on contract law issues
■ Participation at contract negotiations
■ Support with execution and closing of contracts
■ Provision of legal memorandums or opinions on validity of contracts, their action and full legal force
■ Support with notarisation of contracts and representation at the Notary office
■ Support with registration of rights from contracts and representation and state registries
■ Representation during contract law litigation and arbitration
■ Provision of contract management services

Senior Partner: Aram Orbelyan, PHD, President of Arbitrators Association of Armenia
Tel: +374 93 66 27 26

Corporate law services is one of the firm’s main areas of practice. Concern Dialog has practiced in corporate law since 2002; it has developed particular approaches to and solutions for frequently arising and/or complicated problems. It is ready to offer clients prudent company management systems, to provide complex legal support to businesses, to solve corporate problems effectively and within the shortest time period.
The firm offers the following services in the field of corporate law:
■ Consulting at all stages of company foundation and of companies’ operation
■ Registration of companies
■ Advise on the optimal company (group of companies) structure (including companies of foreign jurisdiction/offshore companies)
■ Preparation of shareholders’ agreements and founding agreements
■ Representation in state bodies and at the Central Depository (account operators’) in connection to corporate law issues
■ Support in companies’ reorganisations and M&A
■ Undertaking the drafting and reviewing of corporate documentation of company’s activities and provision of corporate secretary function
■ Provision of corporate legal due diligence checks
■ Support with mediation on disputes among shareholders/between top management and shareholders
■ Legal protection of companies from unfriendly acquisitions
■ Legal protection of rights of minority shareholders
■ Litigation and arbitration on corporate law issues

Partner: Narine Beglaryan, Head of Corporate Law Practice
Tel: +374 99 35 34 52

Concern Dialog offers the follwing services in the tax law area of practice:
■ Advising on general issues of tax law and tax calculation
■ Tax audit, identification of tax risks during tax reporting periods
■ Consulting on tax refund issues (including VAT overpayments)
■ Representation in refunding processes, as well as full legal guidance in tax accounts refund process
■ Legal guidance in business transactions considering tax legislation requirements
■ Drafting and reviewing of contracts and other legal-accounting documents in accordance with tax legislation requirements
■ Participation and support during the tax inspection or administrative process
■ Representation during the administrative appeal process in tax law connected issues
■ Tax law litigation

Partner: Artur Hovhannisyan
Tel: +374 91 414 139

Labour Law:
The firm’s lawyers and attorneys represent both the empolyees, and employers’ interests at any stage of labour relations. Concern Dialog is well known for its capability of finding non standard solutions in labour law litigations, including closing initially problematic cases with favorable terms for the client. It offers the following services in the area of practice of labour law:
■ Advising on labour law issues
■ Labour law due diligence checks
■ Legal guidance in human resources services (legal support in HR management, formation of HR documentation and/or necessary templates in accordance with legislative requirements and the specific needs of the client
■ Implementation/support in implementation of HR automation systems (e-labour)
■ Representation during inspections and in related administrative proceedings
■ Representation during labour law negotiations and at labour law litigation

Partner: Janna Simonyan
Tel: +374 91 21 10 50

Competition Law/Antitrust Law:
Concern Dialog offers the following services in the competition (antitrust) area of practice:
■ Analysis of the activities of companies and competitors aimed at finding possible violations of competition law, as well as development of relevant internal procedures to ensure full competition law compliance
■ Analysis of competition law issues, including the study of relevant foreign experience/legislation
■ Consulting on competition law connected to M&A transactions, and (merger) concentration filings
■ Representation in the Committee of the Protection of Economic Competition, as well as in other administrative bodies on the issues connected to competition law
■ Review and advise of advertisements, product packaging and services promotion materials, marketing strategies, to ensure their competition law compliance
■ Representation in courts of general jurisdiction in possible disputes with competitors as well as in administrative courts in disputes with state bodies (including the State Committee of the Protection of Economic Competition)

Senior Partner: Aram Orbelyan, PHD, President of Arbitrators Association of Armenia
Tel: +374 93 66 27 26

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Senior Partner:

Aram Orbelyan, PHD, President of Arbitrators Association of Armenia
+374 93 66 27 26

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