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Firm Overview:
BLP was founded in March of 2003 by a group of lawyers who shared the same view of the practice of law. They were convinced that legal advisors should become true business partners of their clients, especially by providing top legal advice with business sense. Hence the name: Business Law Partners.

The firm’s international capabilities extend world- wide. BLP has developed a network of law firms around the world, not only through years of working with some of the leading lawyers in each country, but also through exclusive legal networks in which it actively participates: World Services Group (www.worldservicesgroup. com), Meritas ( the State Capital Law Firm Group (www. Interlaw (, as well as Gala, Insuralex and ELA among other specialised networks. Today, BLP is one of very few law firms in Central America working with a true business structure, where all its professionals and staff work together towards a common goal: to satisfy the demands of its clients. BLP’s professionals share values and principles, all for the benefit of its clients. BLP operates under a series of guiding criteria, which allow it to pursue the total satisfaction of its clients; these are: commitment to quality; commitment to service; ethics; team-work and cost-consciousness; commitment to leadership and development; talent; and pro bono work.

Industries Served:
Agriculture, aviation, banking, capital markets, construction, education, energy and clean technologies, entertainment and leisure, financial services, franchise and distribution, free trade zones, hospitality, human resources, industrial, infrastructure, insurance, manufacturing, media and advertisement, natural resources, real estate funds, retail and consumer products, securities, technology, telecommunications, venture capital, among others.

Main Areas of Practice:
Agribusiness, environment, health and safety, aviation and maritime, banking and finance, private equity and venture capital, international trade, competition and antitrust, anti-money laundering, compliance, compliance and anti corruption, business law, public law, public procurement and regulation, human rights, business and development, energy and infrastructure, tax, real estate and hospitality, labour and employment, global mobility and relocation, predictabill, privacy and data protection, intellectual property, advertising, marketing and consumer protection, sanitary registration of products, dispute resolution, insurance and reinsurance, mining, media and technology, free trade zones.

International Work:
The main international practice of BLP is focused in coordinating legal services in Latin America for its clients. The law firm has offices in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and a representation office in Spain. BLP has formed a high quality network of firms in other countries around the world and in different areas of law for the benefit of its clients.


Spanish, English, Italian, French, German, Hebrew.

Aliaxis-Durman, American International Group, Ace Group, Alltech, Amazon, American Airlines, Assa Insurance Company, Aseguradora General, Avon, Bac San José, Banco Promérica, Bankinter, Banesco, BASF, Baxter, Bayer, BCD Travel, Bekaert, BID, BAT, Bticino, Bosch, CAF, Calibre Mining Corp.,Cargill, Cemex, Cognizant, Colgate-Palmolive, Covidien, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, DIAGEO, DIPO, Discovery Communications, Dow Chemical, Exclusive Resorts, First American Bank, Florida Ice & Farm, FMO Entrepreneurial Development Bank, Garnier BBDO, GasNatural Fenosa, GDF Suez, Globalvía, Grupo Numar, Guardian, Hitachi, ICA Fluor, INCOFIN, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Interamerican Investment Corporation (IIC), ISS Facility Services, John Deere, KFW DEG, Las Catalinas, Laureate International Universities, Los Sueños Resort & Marina, MAPFRE, MasterCard, Mattel, Microsoft, Millicom, Major League Baseball, Harley Davidson Motor Company, Norfund, Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), Panasonic, RGIS Inventory Specialists, PepsiCo, Pellas Development Group, Pfizer, Plycem, PriceSmart, Repretel, Scotiabank, Siemens, Sony, Swiss Re, Syniverse Technologies, Tabacón, Telefónica, Tous, Tokio Marine, Uber, UPS, Walmart, Zoetis.

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Reform of the “Law Against Sexual Harassment in Employment and Teaching”

Reform of articles 29 and 38 of the “Law Against Sexual Harassment in Employment and Teaching” On October 6, 2021, the Executive Power signed the reform of articles 29 and 38 of the “Law Against Sexual Harassment in Employment and Teaching” (Law 7476), which was published in La Gaceta on the 20th October 2021. With […]

28 Oct 2021
Our Digital Competitiveness Is Declining

By Adelina Vilallobos BLP Partner, Foreign Direct Investment Expert In time for the bicentennial came the Digital Riser report for 2021 published by the European Center for Digital Competitiveness. This report measures a country’s progress in digital transformation, based on information from the World Economic Forum. The results for Costa Rica are not as […]

01 Oct 2021
The Role of Public-Private Partnerships in the Reactivation of the Economy

Luis A. Ortiz Zamora – BLP Partner According to the latest Global Competitiveness Index published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Costa Rica seriously lags in infrastructure compared to countries like top-rated Singapore. Indeed, in comparing ourselves to the other 141 qualified countries,  we rank at number 62 in infrastructure, 117 in quality of roads, […]

01 Oct 2021
The country urgently needs an electricity reform

In recent years, concerns over electricity costs and the impact of such costs on the country’s productivity have increased. According to a recent CINDE study, the price of electricity in Costa Rica has risen significantly compared to that of other countries with which it competes in attracting investment. This cost is, in large part, a […]

31 Aug 2021
How would a Reform to the General Customs Law of Costa Rica impact companies?

Currently before the Legislative Assembly, under file 22,364, is a draft reform to the General Customs Law, whose objective, according to the Ministry of Finance, is to strengthen customs control, fight against smuggling, facilitate trade and improve revenue collection. Analyzing the text of the proposal, which is important for companies in the logistics chain to […]

31 Aug 2021
Free Trade Zone systems are ideal for attracting investment to Guatemala.

Guatemala is the largest economy in Central America but not the region’s largest exporter, being surpassed by Panama and Costa Rica, which have developed free trade zones that facilitate investment, promoting employment and the growth of their economies, to the point that, despite having much smaller populations, their quality of life is higher. Considering the […]

31 Aug 2021
“Relearning labor relations”

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn” Alvin Toffler. We learned labor law as a branch of legal sciences, a summation of concepts and theories, that little by little has been clashing with reality. Labor law structured for a […]

31 Aug 2021
Costa Rica as a Destination for Life Science Companies

The life sciences sector has been one of the areas most impacted by COVID-19. On the positive side, certain related products and devices experienced unexpected demand in the past year, thus increasing sector progress. On the negative side, the coronavirus led to the interruption of research and development in fields unrelated to the pandemic creating […]

28 Jun 2021
New Law to attract foreign investors to Costa Rica: Golden Visa

Costa Rica is an ideal country to visit, retire and invest thanks to its excellent reputation for environmental protection, globally recognized ecotourism schemes, political and social stability, legal security, and our health system. The new LAW FOR THE ATTRACTION OF INVESTORS, RENTERS AND PENSIONERS has just been approved. This law allows foreign persons who qualify as […]

28 Jun 2021
The Trend Towards Health Compliance at Work

A large part of the health regulations issued in 2020 focused on the protection of employees during working hours. Thus, the decade has begun with increased attention to compliance with company health and safety regulations. Since the beginning of 2020, the authorities at the global level have been much more vigilant in compliance with health […]

28 May 2021
Reform of the Data Protection Law in Costa Rica: Proposals for improvement

If the last few months have taught us anything, it is that the protection of personal data is transcendental, especially in the face of the inevitable digitization of society. Nevertheless, on several occasions, it has been shown that the Law on Protection of the Person against the Treatment of Personal Data (Data Protection Law) urgently […]

28 May 2021
Cumplimiento ambiental: Un deber y una oportunidad.

El lado ambiental de un sistema de compliance: La protección al medioambiente y las prácticas sostenibles son ahora un estándar indispensable que toda compañía debe poseer, ser responsable con el ambiente se ha vuelto otro producto de negocio más para las empresas, que genera beneficios tangibles como el aumento de ventas, la revalorización de la […]

28 May 2021
Effects of COVID-19 and the 2018 socio-political crisis of the real estate market in Nicaragua

(Nicaragua, November 2020) It is nothing new that COVID-19 came in like a hurricane in the middle of the summer. No one expected it, no one was prepared and most of the responses have been simply reactive to the situation. In Nicaragua, even with the few self-imposed measures of social distancing, we have had the […]

16 Nov 2020
Costa Rica: Legal Market Overview

(Costa Rica, July 2020) Costa Rica is the most stable country in Central America, not only because the economic growth it experienced during the past years but also because of its political stability through decades. Recently, in May 2020, the members of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), unanimously decided to invite Costa Rica […]

10 Jul 2020

Press Releases

Reform of articles 29 and 38 of the “Law Against Sexual Harassment in Employment and Teaching”

Reform articles 29 and 38 of the “Law Against Sexual Harassment in Employment and Teaching” On October 6, 2021, the Executive Branch signed the reform of articles 29 and 38 of the “Law Against Sexual Harassment in Employment and Teaching” (Law 7476), which was published in La Gaceta on October 20, 2021. With this amendment, […]

01 Nov 2021
BLP advised IDB Invest on an important financing project in El Salvador that will contribute towards securing energy efficiency and cost savings

BLP has advised IDB Invest, the private arm of the Inter-American Development Group, on an important financing  project  in El Salvador. As administrator to  the Canadian Climate Fund for the Private Sector in the Americas, the IDB Invest has agreed to grant loans to Capella Solar S.A. de C.V. and Providencia Solar S.A. de C.V. – both affiliates of Neoen, the project’s Sponsor- to finance […]

01 Sep 2021
BLP advised Inversiones Financieras Grupo Azul, S.A (“IFGA”) on the acquisition of the shares of Banco G&T Continental El Salvador, S.A. and its subsidiary G&T Continental, S.A. de C.V., Casa de Corredores de Bolsa

BLP has advised its client Inversiones Financieras Grupo Azul, S.A (“IFGA”) on the acquisition of the shares of Banco G&T Continental El Salvador, S.A. and its subsidiary G&T Continental, S.A. de C.V., Casa de Corredores de Bolsa. BLP’s advice included: Everything related to the due diligence process on the target. The structuring of the transaction. The preparation of […]

28 Jul 2021
BLP advised Grupo Orbis in the acquisition by AkzoNobel

BLP advised the seller, Grupo Orbis (Pintuco) in this important transaction at the regional level, participating in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, as well as coordinating work in Panama. BLP’s advice included the entire internal process of due diligence on the part of the seller in the jurisdictions of Central America, as well […]

28 Jul 2021
BLP advised in US$60 million dollar funding FMO – Banco La Hipotecaria Deal

BLP advised NEDERLANDSE FINANCIERINGS-MAATSCHAPPIJ VOOR  ONTWIKKELINGSLANDEN N.V. (“FMO”) in its  US$60 million dollar funding alongside BANCO LA HIPOTECARIA, S.A. (Panama) and LA HIPOTECARIA, S.A. DE C.V. (El Salvador). BLP’s role was to advise FMO in the review of the facility agreement under local law perspective and execution thereof as well as in the  planning, negotiation, […]

28 Jul 2021
BLP advises IDB Invest in the granting of a loan to Calox de Costa Rica

BLP has advised IDB Invest, a member of the IDB Group, in the granting of a $14 million senior secured loan to Calox de Costa Rica S.A. (Calox), and other subsidiaries of the group. The loan enables Calox to obtain substantial improvements in its productive capacities and seek international certifications that validate the quality of […]

28 Jun 2021
BLP advises Corporación Multi-Inversiones (CMI) on the largest placement of green bonds by a 100% renewable energy company in Central America and the Caribbean

The BLP Costa Rica team advised Citigroup Global Markets Inc. and J.P. Morgan Securities LLC on the issuance by Investment Energy Resources Limited of $700 million in Secured Notes with a Fixed Rate of 6.250% maturing in 2029. The firm also advised Banco Latinoamericano de Comercio Exterior, SA, Banco Industrial, SA, Westrust Bank (International) Limited, […]

28 May 2021

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