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Firm Overview:
The firm was founded in 1981, aimed at providing a personalised, direct yet specialised legal service, as a boutique law firm, to companies and people who have to face financial crisis, either at their corporation or as individuals, and therefore overcome these difficulties within a secure, confidential and promptness framework which allows them to turn their crisis into development opportunities.

Nelson Contador & Compañía Abogados has a well gained nationwide prestige which places them on top of law firms that specialise in bankruptcy, settlements and financial restructuring in Chile. This positioning derives from its performance in the most important financial crisis of several companies in the country.

Main Areas of Practice:

Restructuring / Insolvency / Bankruptcy:
The firm represents clients in all aspects of insolvency and crisis. Has been recognised and specialised on national and international related matters like financial restructuring processes, legal reorganisation agreements and among others like liquidation proceedings or programmed pre-bankruptcy management.

International Work:
According to the characteristics and the nature of the service rendered by the law firm, most of its experience is limited to the national scope. Nevertheless, the law firm advises foreign companies which are involved in insolvency proceedings in Chile.

Restructuring / Insolvency / Bankruptcy:
 María Ignacia Contador

Spanish, English, German.

Reorganisation Agreements:
Empresas La Polar S.A.
Caja De Compensación La Araucana
Su Bus Chile S.A
Astaldi Sucursal Chile
Isapre Masvida S.A.
Urcelay Hermanos LTDA.
Calzados Bebe LTDA.
Max Service Seguridad Industrial S.A.
Politec S.A.
Plastiquimica SIC LTDA
Accura Systems Chile S.A.
Empresa Constructora N Y R Limitada
Tecpol S.A.
Laboratorio Arensburg S.A.I.C.
Empresa Constructora De Obras Viales
Consorcio Constructor Línea 3 LTDA.
Sociedad Agrícola Los Primos Limitada
CB Consultorias Y Proyectos S.A.
Soluciones Integrales S.A.
Autobahn S.A.
Copasa Corsan Corviam Dos LTDA
Servicios Integrales Limitada
CB Corredores De Bolsa S.A.
Miniclinic Spa
Enjoy S.A
Comercial Chacao S.A
Modella Group
Minera Tres Valles

Voluntary Liquidation Procedures:
Velarde Hermanos S.A.
Constructora Polonesa Limitada
Implementa Comunicación Y Produciones S.A.
Central Hidroelectrica Chanleufu S.A.
Ecovial Asfalto Limitada
Ferndandez Wood Constructora S.A.
FW Corp Spa
French Gourmet Spa (Café Paul)
Inmobiliaria Laderas Ladomar S.A.
Arendt Y Compañía Limitada
Distribuidora Action Sport LTDA
Soluciones Y Servicios S.A. (Pressto)
Automotora Suiza
Exportadora Aconcagua LTDA- Aconex
Bellavista Oveja Tomé S.A.
Méndez Junior & Asociados

Creditors Representation on Concursal Procedures:
Confianza S.A.G.R. (Representación Del Acreedor Corfo)
Pesquera Antartic Sea FischeriesS (Representación Del Acreedor Tanner Servicios Financieros S.A.)
Pesca Chile (Representación Del Acreedor Pescanova De España)
Hidroeléctrica Campanario (Representación Del Acreedor Colbún S.A.)
Rabie & Cía S.A. (Representación Del Acreedor CMPC S.A. )
Transportes Las Araucarias. (Representación Del Acreedor Mayoritario Mercedes Benz – Do Brasil)
Hotel Termas De Chillán (Solicitó La Quiebra En Representación Del Acreedor Banco Scotiabank)
Buses Gran Santiago. (Representación Del Acreedor Mayoritario Mercedes Benz – Do Brasil)
Bosques Santa Elena S.A. (Representación Del Acreedor Mayoritario CMPC S.A.)
Forestal Santa Elena S.A. (Representación Del Acreedor Mayoritario CMPC S.A.)
Pablo Massoud y Cía Limitada (Representación de La Bolsa de Productos)

Key Contacts

Senior Partner:

María José Contador
[email protected]

Senior Partner:

Maria Ignacia Contador
[email protected]

Senior Partner:

Juan Pablo Contador
[email protected]

Firm Rankings

Restructuring & Insolvency
Band 1


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