East & Concord Partners

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Managing Partner: Dajin Li
Number of partners: 118
Number of lawyers (partners, associates and trainee lawyers): 400+
Languages: Chinese, English, French, Japanese

Firm Overview:
The merger between East Associates Law Firm and Concord & Partners in 2014 brought into being East & Concord Partners, one of the largest and the most comprehensive law firms in China. Briefly, East Associates Law Firm and Concord & Partners were established in 1993 and 1995 respectively, are among the earliest established law firms in China and both have nationwide influence and reputation. The firm is headquartered in Beijing and has branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Hangzhou.
The firm has approximately 400 professionals. In addition to experienced partners and consultants who have practised law for more than 30 years, the firm is comprised of legal experts who have years of working experience in national ministries, courts, procuratorate, international arbitration institutions and prestigious law firms. Most partners and attorneys have gained qualifications and hands-on experience in law schools and firms throughout United States, Europe, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Main Areas of Practice:
General Corporate
Securities & Capital Markets
Dispute Resolution
Criminal Defence & Compliance
Banking & Finance
Financial Lease & Commercial Factoring
Anti-Dumping & Countervailing
Intellectual Property
Direct Investment
Private Equity & Industrial Funds
Entertainment & Sports
Infrastructure & Project Financing
Real Estate & Construction
Energy & Natural Resources
Retail Business & Logistics Industry
Information Technology
Labour Law
Medicine & Healthcare
Bankruptcy & Restructuring
Government Legal Services

Mergers & Acquisitions:
Based on the client’s needs, the firm provides professional services including, but not limited to the following:
■Direct investment or merger in a large variety of businesses
■Enterprise or company restructuring
■Equity acquisitions, transfer, corporate additional investments
■Asset and business acquisition and transfer
■Corporate division/merger
■Equity and debt financing

Securities & Capital Markets:
Professional services that the firm provides mainly include:
■Initial offering and listing of securities
■Establishment and sale of funds
■Issuance of corporate bonds and financial bonds and notes
■Listed Companies’ reorganisation of major assets
■Listed Companies’ re-financing

Banking & Finance:
Professional services that the firm provides in this field mainly involve:
■Advising banks and other financial institutions on all types of domestic and international financing transactions
■Establishment and reorganisation of insurance companies, public or private funds, asset management companies, financial leasing companies/commercial factoring companies
■Advising on and assisting in designing structures of products or transactions for trust companies, public or private funds, asset management companies and financial leasing/commercial factoring companies
■Due diligence on target projects, preparation of transaction documents, compliance and risk management for trust companies, insurance companies and public or private funds
■Various financial derivative products, margin trading, channel services for asset management and credit assets securitisation business
■Internet finance, P2P, crowd-funding, and petty loan businesses
■Advising on financial leasing/commercial factoring transaction contracts and relevant legal documents
■Providing legal opinions in respect of financial leasing/ commercial factoring projects
■Dispute resolutions for banks, trust companies, public or private funds, asset management companies, financial leasing companies/commercial factoring companies

Dispute Resolution:
In the field of commercial arbitration, the firm handles domestic and foreign cases related to:
■Disputes regarding sales contracts
■Contract disputes regarding foreign investments
■Disputes regarding real estate development contracts
■Disputes regarding engineering contracts
■Contract disputes regarding finance and insurance

Intellectual Property:
Areas of expertise include:
■Investment in patent and know-how
■Transfer and trading of patent licensing right and know-how
■Investigation and administrative actions against infringements
■Patent review and dispute resolution regarding invalid patent claims
■Patent litigation
■Application for trademarks
■Contribution in trademarks, license and transfer
■Commercial license and trademark interest arrangement in franchise
■Administrative objection of trademark dispute
■Civil and administrative litigation of trademark dispute
■Trademark inquiries and trademark surveillance
■Customs Administrative Protection of Trademark Right

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Gathering intelligence for high-quality development

让法律更好地融入长三角一体化经济发展!4月17日上午,由天达共和律师事务所主办的长江经济带高质量发展法律实践高峰论坛在南京召开。对于论坛的举办初衷,天达共和律师事务所主任李大进律师在接受采访中曾指出,第一是律师服务于长江经济带的建设是天达共和的责任所在。第二是天达共和始终将自己的发展与国家的发展同步,将天达共和的战略布局与国家战略布局相契合。而就在论坛举办前一天,天达共和南京办公室正式落户南京建邺,成为建邺区第67家律所,也是在南京设立分所的第20家北京律所。 天达共和南京办公室主任周巍在致辞中表示,长三角一体化发展已进入全面深化的关键阶段,我们应牢牢把握长三角一体化发展上升为国家战略的重大机遇,就法律服务一体化如何融入经济发展一体化做更多更深的思考。周巍提出希冀,希望将专业研究与服务国家战略相结合,为推动长三角一体化、推动长三角高质量发展贡献法律人的力量。 △ 南京市司法局副局长陈宣东致辞 南京市司法局副局长陈宣东受邀参加论坛,他首先对长期以来关心、支持南京法治建设和律师业发展的同仁表示衷心感谢。陈宣东表示,随着国家实施“十四五”规划、“一带一路”倡议、长三角区域一体化等重大战略带来叠加效应,长江经济带将迎来更好的发展机遇。在迎接机遇的同时,长三角地区的法律服务业同样面临更多挑战。他认为,市场经济就是法治经济,一个地区营商环境的打造离不开法治建设,南京江北新区正在推进全国首个法律园区建设,未来南京将成为法律新高地。 主旨演讲环节 △ 最高人民法院第三巡回法庭法官郁琳发表演讲 主旨演讲环节,最高人民法院第三巡回法庭法官郁琳发表题为《营商环境的法治内涵与司法保障路径》的演讲。她指出,法律要素贯穿企业从出生到死亡的全生命周期,相关法律规范对企业的成长和发展意义重大,建设法治化的营商环境,对于保障经济社会健康发展、持久繁荣具有十分重要的意义。郁琳认为,从体系上看,营商环境的法治化环境主要包括立法、行政、司法等三个法律层面。从司法体系看,第一个要务是加强产权司法保护,依法平等保护各类市场主体的合法权益;第二要务是健全完善工作机制,努力为各类市场主体提供优质司法服务;第三要务则是加强执行工作,切实维护各类主体的胜诉权益。 学术研讨环节 △ 北京大学法学院教授、博士生导师陈瑞华教授发表演讲 北京大学法学院教授、博士生导师陈瑞华教授出席论坛并带来《律师合规业务的基本框架》专题学术研讨。陈瑞华分享了近年来关于合规业务的研究成果与经典案例,他认为法律在合规制度建立过程中的重要性不可小觑,在我国建立顺应时代发展趋势的合规管理体系亦具有重大意义。在合规业务中,律师应针对企业的性质、业务和合规风险,协助企业建立有针对性的合规管理体系,同时建立风险评估准则、完善尽职调查及合规培训。陈瑞华强调,律师不应仅仅着眼于建立一套书面的合规计划,更应着眼于合规管理体系的有效实施。只有这样,才能够助力企业依法依规经营,帮助企业解除合规风险,培育更多的百年老店。 作为天达共和的传统核心业务之一,合规业务的重要性不言而喻。天达共和合规团队已经着眼于合规管理体系的有效实施,根据客户需求,为客户量身定制合规计划,提供全方位的合规法律服务,以高效精准的服务帮助客户提高合规管控,有效降低客户在经营过程中可能发生的各类合规风险。 圆桌讨论环节 △ 右起依次为天达共和管理合伙人张佳春,上海金融与法律研究院研究员、院长傅蔚冈,南京大学商学院教授、博士生导师黄繁华,中国国际经济交流中心教授级研究员马庆斌,天达共和品牌运营部总监刘思强(主持人) 圆桌对话环节,南京大学商学院教授、博士生导师黄繁华,中国国际经济交流中心教授级研究员马庆斌,上海金融与法律研究院研究员、院长傅蔚冈,国务院《优化营商环境条例》立法专家委员会评审专家、天达共和管理合伙人张佳春,围绕“护航长江经济带高质量发展”这一主题,就“如何看待长江经济带的新格局和新趋势”“‘十四五’新格局、新形势下法律人所面临的挑战”等问题展开深入探讨。 马庆斌研究员认为,中国经济发展从未像今天这样强调“安全”二字,用法律护航经济发展是非常好的一件事,这足以说明中国经济治理水平正逐步提高,在法律的护航下的中国经济也将越来越好;黄繁华教授认为,长江经济带在我国经济发展中的地位从“生力军”变为“主力军”,充分说明了长江经济带在国家经济发展中的重要地位。事实证明,近5年来,长江经济带递交了一份靓丽新答卷,不仅经济总量占比在提高、经济结构在提升,现代综合交通网络、生态文明等也都得到了大幅改善;张佳春律师详细阐述了长江经济带律法之源发展的新思路。他认为,长江经济带为我们提供了看待中国行政法格局的视角。以上海自贸区为例,近年来,上海自贸区不断停止既有法律的实施,为新的行政法实施创造了法律空间。可以说,长三角经济带的高质量发展,每一个节点的发生以及每一次法律拓展,都是一次法制递进和升级的过程。值得一提的是,天达共和全程参与了世界银行营商环境评价、参与全国省级营商环境全面评价以及参与优化营商环境立法工作,无论是理论研究还是实际操作均具有突出的业绩,并且通过不断创新紧跟政策指向,为建设数字政府提供专业的服务。傅蔚冈研究员则表示,长江沿线的上海、杭州、南京、武汉一直是经济重镇,大力发展长江经济带,是顺应经济发展的大趋势,也给生态环境保护赋予了更高权重。长江经济带发展,对天达共和律师事务所来说是非常好的机遇,天达共和在抢抓机遇的同时也可为促进经济发展提供更好的法律服务。 滑动查看更多图片 天达共和作为一家见证中国改革开放历程与法治建设进程的品牌律所,在“十四五”开局之年,紧跟国家长江经济带发展战略,完成了上海、杭州、南京、武汉四座长江流域核心城市的“3+1”战略布局。 天达共和一体化的发展战略绝非一时一地的灵感迸发,而是长期大量的实践与自身专业相契合的考量,经过深思熟虑后作出的长期性战略抉择。用事务所主任李大进律师自己的话来说,“天达共和每走一步,我们希望能够融一步;每走一步,我们希望能够服务到位;每走一步;我们希望能够获得客户的认可。” 未来,天达共和将通过南京通联上海,呼应杭州,遥引武汉,巩固厚植既有优势,同时补齐短板,全所协同贯彻“一体化”发展战略。 嘉宾学者们精彩绝伦的演讲和讨论,描绘了长江经济带高质量发展法律实践的前景和方向。本次论坛为现场嘉宾提供了思想碰撞、智慧贯通、创新交流的机会,受到了与会者的一致好评。 有人说,对中国而言,沿海是发展的一张弓,长江流域则是发展的一支箭。我们相信,在完善法律机制的引领下,长江经济带这支箭将以跨越6380公里的地理距离,穿越数千年的时间厚度,指向美好未来的新蓝图。巨海一边静,长江万里清。放眼未来,新时代的长江经济带发展必将更加和谐健康,充满活力蓬勃向上。 精彩推荐 天达共和南京办公室盛大开业 金陵集贤豪杰地 燕子回时满京华 | 天达共和南京办公室迎来多位合伙人/顾问加盟 Read more    

26 Apr 2021

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