DLA Piper Martinez Beltran

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Firm Overview:

DLA Piper Martínez Beltrán was founded in 1996 and since then is a prominent and leading law firm in Colombia. The firm specializes in banking & finance, corporate M&A, tax, dispute resolution, capital markets, competition & consumer, compliance and data protection, infrastructure, projects & public law, restructuring & insolvency, torts & damages, insurance, labor law, energy & natural resources, and international arbitration. The professional careers and extensive experience of the firm’s lawyers allows the firm to have a very qualified team of renowned individuals capable of providing a unique representation to clients.

Managing Partner: Camilo Martínez Beltrán

Number of partners: 10

Number of lawyers: 61

Main Areas of Expertise:

Banking & Finance:

The firm advises over 30% of the banking institution that have presence in Colombia, on an ongoing basis in regulatory matters and transactions. The firm is also permanently involved in advising foreign financial institutions on how to do business in Colombia, as well as representing international clients before governmental authorities.

Corporate M&A:

DLA Piper Martínez Beltrán is one of the top-tier law firms in Colombia in mergers and acquisitions, both local and international, transfer of assets, joint ventures and strategic alliances, due diligence, corporate reorganizations, leverage buyouts, privatizations, shareholders’ agreements, and business integration processes. Client portfolio includes the main and most sophisticated private equity funds undertaking deals in Latin America, as well as some of the most representative economic groups of the country and multinational companies.


The firm provides advice to Colombian and foreign parties on both domestic and international tax issues, for purposes such as transaction structuring, foreign investment (both inbound and outbound), corporate taxation and estate planning for high-net-worth individuals. Further, the firm has considerable experience regarding tax litigation, both at administrative and judicial stages.

Dispute Resolution: 

The Dispute Resolution team has consistently represented local and international clients in complex conflicts in all areas of business law, including corporate, commercial, tax, insurance, torts, antitrust and administrative matters, among other issues. The firm represents clients in more than 300 lawsuits in national and international disputes. The firm is also a pioneer in corporate dispute resolution. Its experience in this area, going back for more than 20 years, has recently been put to the service of creating a highly specialized division focused on shareholder litigation.

In fact, DLA Piper Martínez Beltrán set up what is perhaps the first successful practice area in Colombia engaging in shareholder activism through the enforcement of minority investor rights across a wide range of companies, from family- owned enterprises to listed firms.

Capital Markets:

DLA Piper Martínez Beltrán provides comprehensive advice in securities and is a recognized leader in the area. The firm has broad experience financings in the local and international debt capital markets, including high-yield bonds, medium-term notes, private placements, asset-backed securities, project bonds and euro-commercial paper programs.

Competition & Consumer, Compliance and Data Protection:

The firm provides legal advice on competition law, including merger and acquisition clearance, restrictive business practices, unfair competition, and consumer protection. The team has extensive experience in the implementation of corporate governance systems, prevention of legal risks, control of regulatory compliance and crisis management. DLA Piper Martínez Beltrán has also broad experience advising clients across all industries in the creation and implementation of their data protection policies and best practices. The Personal Data Protection team is aware of the value of data for each of our clients, which is why they not only create, but also advise on the implementation of personal data compliance policies. Additionally, the firm offers corporate training to the clients regarding data protection and their constant changes and regulatory updates.

Infrastructure, Projects & Public Law: 

DLA Piper Martínez Beltrán provides comprehensive advise to private and public partnerships as well as project finance Infrastructure transactions and thorough knowledge of several market sectors, including power (thermal and renewable), transportation (roads, airports, and shipping), oil, gas, commodities, and water systems. The firm also has experience in advising all types of infrastructure finance, including project finance and other secured, structured financings, and other financings solutions tailored for the current market.

Restructuring & Insolvency: 

DLA Piper Martínez Beltrán Restructuring, and Insolvency practice starts from an essentially economic and financial perspective to represent debtors or creditors. The firm’s goal is to find efficient and creative solutions that add value to companies in a situation of financial crisis, through corporate operations, of instruments deprived of restructuring of liabilities, and of the recovery or liquidation processes.

Torts & Damages: 

DLA Piper Martínez Beltrán offers a unique representation to their clients in matters related to torts and damages. This is a multidisciplinary expertise that covers different economic sectors and strengthens the practice in general. The firm focuses on preventive actions but also gives advice on issues that have arisen over bad practices of big corporations.


The firm has one of the strongest insurance law practice in Colombia. Some of its clients are AON, CARDIF, AIG, Seguros del Estado.

Labor Law: 

The labor team focuses on individual and collective labor law, labor law litigation, social security law, labor administrative proceedings before labor authorities and immigration law. The firm’s clients range from startups to emerging multinationals and some of the biggest and best-known brands in the world.

Energy & Natural Resources: 

DLA Piper Martínez Beltrán is a leading firm in the Energy and Natural Resources sector. The team has vast experience in energy, renewable energy, oil and gas, water treatment plants, among others. The firm advises clients on the development of supply agreements, access to the distribution networks and transport systems, tax strategies, mergers and acquisitions transaction and advice in the day to day of its operations. Likewise, the firm represents industry clients in proceedings before the competent authorities and provide advice on regulatory matters, obtaining environmental licenses, prior consultations, project structuring, and negotiating power purchase agreements (PPA) and structuring public and private partnerships (PPP).

International Arbitration: 

DLA Piper’s International Arbitration practice is one of the world’s leading teams, recognized as a truly global practice. The wide geographic presence of the practice allows the firm to offer an integrated team that works in multiple jurisdictions. This provides their clients with both ongoing responsiveness and relevant local knowledge, two key points for successfully resolving international disputes. At DLA Piper Martínez Beltrán they offer a unique service in Colombia: the expertise of a leading global practice in the industry, with a strong local presence.


English, Spanish, French.


The firm’s clients are the largest companies in Colombia as well as international enterprises doing business in Colombia. A list of representative local and international clients is provided upon request.

Key Contacts

Managing Partner

[email protected]
(+571) 317 47 20

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Band 3


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Capital Markets
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Capital Markets: Debt
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Dispute Resolution
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National Development Plan 2022-2026

Analisis del articulado aplicable al sector infraestructura El pasado 4 de mayo de 2023, fue publicado in la Gaceta del Congreso el texto conciliado del Plan Nacional de Desarrollo 2022-2026 “Colombia Potencia Mundial de la Vida”. El Equipo de Infraestructura, Proyectos y Derecho Publico de DLA Poper martinez Beltran preparo el siguiente boletin en el […]

When setting up a company in Colombia, what type of company is appropriate and what laws should be reviewed?

Entrepreneurship grows in the country despite the uncertainty about certain reforms such as tax and labor. Publication date: 05/05/2023 Tags: Colombia , Entrepreneurship , investment , Company formation Colombia was the most entrepreneurial country in Latin America in 2021, according to data from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM). And, despite the uncertainty generated by some reforms that the current government has carried out since […]

Regulación Fintech: Finanzas Abiertas

Chile Con fecha 4 de enero de 2023, se publicó finalmente en Chile la Ley N°21.521, que promueve la competencia e inclusión financiera a través de la innovación y tecnología en la prestación de servicios financieros, también conocida como Ley Fintech (“Ley” o “Ley Fintech”), y que comenzó a regir el 3 de febrero pasado. […]

The race to decrease carbon footprint, one brick at a time

The race to decrease carbon footprint, one brick at a time” by our associate María Fernanda Navarro Tovar, in the “What’s New” section of GreenWise. In it, María Fernanda talks about the innovative processes that the infrastructure sector is implementing to reduce its carbon footprint. We invite you to see the complete magazine here

Transparency and effectiveness of REDD+ projects

“Transparency and effectiveness of REDD+ projects, from an adequate determination of the baseline” by our Environmental Law and Sustainability Associate, Daniela Pinilla, published in the second edition of our environmental and sustainable development legal magazine: Green Wise. We invite you to see the complete magazine here

Obligations in foreign currency in reorganization processes

Within the process of reorganization processes, it is common for debtors to have contracted obligations in currencies other than Colombian before the date of admission to the process, so these receivables will form part of the reorganizable liability and, consequently, will be subject to to the conditions of the eventual reorganization agreement that is concluded […]

‘View From the Top’- An interview with Francisco J Cerezo, Partner, DLA Piper – Chair, US Latin America

Francisco, you head up DLA Piper’s Latin America operations in the US right? Yes. I am the US chair of Latin America. We run the practice through a Latin America Board which comprises the managing partners of each country. Obviously, no one knows better how to run Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Puerto […]

Puerto Rico Department of Labor’s Circular Letter on the nullity of the 2022 Puerto Rican labor reform – Key takeaways

Puerto Rico Department of Labor and Human Resources Secretary Gabriel Maldonado-González recently published Circular Letter No. 2023-01, which details the department’s position on the Puerto Rico Federal District Court’s recent nullification of Act No. 41-2022. The Court declared Act No. 41-2022 void ab initio for failing to comply with the procedural requirements of the Federal PROMESA […]

Key developments and challenges in Latin America’s anti-corruption system

Most countries in Latin America made no significant strides during 2022 in their legislative efforts to prevent, punish and combat corruption. That is the key finding of the Latin American Anti-Corruption Assessment 2021-2022, a study of 17 Latin America countries. In this issue, we take a concise look at the report, then offer a few […]

Women are not reaching management positions in law firms in Colombia. These would be the reasons

Despite the fact that there has been parity in education for decades, this is not reflected in the position of partners in law firms. It is urgent to implement equity and diversity strategies, create support networks among lawyers and that clients continue demanding minimum equity requirements in their consultancies. It is not a secret that in […]

Legislative error in the determination of the taxpayer in the tax on single-use plastics?

On the occasion of the tax reform issued by the Congress of the Republic last December, in which a new tax called “national tax on single-use plastic products used to package, pack or pack goods” was incorporated, multiple concerns have arisen regarding its application, mainly against who is the taxpayer and therefore responsible for declaring […]

Hit Bottom to Get Ahead

A few months ago a foreign lawyer wrote me a chat in English saying “Juan, sometimes the only way out is through” or, rather, sometimes it is necessary to hit rock bottom to get ahead, referring to the current political situation in our country. I think she’s right. The time has come for us to grit our […]

Forging the path towards sustainable mobility in Colombia

Bogotá has become a benchmark in terms of sustainable mobility not only in Colombia, but worldwide. According to recent figures, at the end of 2022, Bogotá had 1,485 electric buses in operation that became part of the city’s integrated public transport system. This means that Bogotá has the largest electric fleet in Latin America, surpassing cities such […]

The Builder’s Contest

The real estate market and the construction industry have become complex. The binary builder-buyer relationship disappeared. What exists now, in projects of all scale, are true “negotiation systems” (Cataño Berrío, 2022) that involve, on the one hand, various subjects (the owner of the lot, the developer, the builder, the financier, the company fiduciary, as well as the […]

Infrastructure improvements, the key to boosting the growth of the port sector

Although the industry’s challenges remain enormous, the investment and tonnage mobilization figures are encouraging. Analysis of the present and future of the industry. Since Law 1 of 1991, important advances have been made in the port sector in Colombia, mainly because private participation and investment was encouraged to allow advances in technology and modernization that the country […]

Sustainable Aviation Fuel, from longing to action, from the fields to the skies

Sustainability is a topic on the global agenda. Through governments, private companies, multilaterals and other stakeholders, they have promoted various initiatives to combat climate change. The aviation industry is not far behind, with governments, ICAO, IATA, ALTA, CLAC and of course the private sector as major players, being these key players in reducing Co2 emissions and mitigating […]

NFTs in South America: The Legal Framework

Non-fungible tokens in Argentina, Brazil, Chile an Colombia. Non-Fungible Tokens, the NFTs, have become one of the most popular assets globally. Developed as collectable assets which have its authenticity guaranteed by blockchain, the NFTs create a new market to acquire original digital pieces. NFTs have received increased attention in recent years, especially in the trade of […]

Brazil has been investing to expand the logistics and social infrastructure

Introduction As a continental country and an emerging economy, Brazil has been investing to expand the logistics and social infrastructures. The logistics matrix is highly dependent of highways, because of the industrialization police adopted in the sixties. At the time, Brazil replaced its railways by highways. However, the maintenance, expansion and costs of highway transportation […]

South America braces for offshore wind

Brazil and Colombia are lining up projects which would provide hundreds of gigawatts Summary Brazil and Colombia are setting in motion the first offshore wind projects in South America. Brazil also aims to develop local supply chains to cater to the needs of the emerging wind energy industry. However, poor grid infrastructure remains a challenge […]

Key takeaways about proposed amendments to Salary Equality Act of 2017

Senate Bill 0976-22 (Bill 976) proposes to amend Puerto Rican Act 16-2017, the Salary Equality Act of Puerto Rico. That Act imposes penalties on employers who discriminate on the basis of sex via salary differences. Bill 976 seeks to guarantee the vindication of citizens’ rights under Act 16-2017 by providing greater access to the filing […]

Global investigations – top points about investigations in Brazil and Mexico

For lawyers and professionals who focus on white-collar crime at the international level, a key question is how to conduct an investigation in a jurisdiction that may be unfamiliar, and how to conduct oneself during such an investigation. Who are the relevant authorities? What are their most pressing concerns? What are the granular issues to […]

Tax incentives in Puerto Rico

For more than 60 years, Puerto Rico has used its unique territorial framework to enact numerous tax incentives programs that have served as its main economic development tool. Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, and the majority of US laws apply in Puerto Rico. However, Puerto Rico also possesses the authority to […]

Using big data and AI to track SESG criteria: The LatAm experience

WELCOME TO PANORAMA A year ago, the economic situation in LatAm seemed dire. But in the second half of 2021 and well into 2022, the business and economic outlook for Latin America has not only bounced back, but in many areas is surging forward. The picture, of course, is uneven. Exciting new technologies are being adapted […]

Anti-corruption and AML in Mexico

Anti-corruption and AML in Mexico: Trends and developments. The Global Anti-Corruption Perspective The fight against corruption and the fight against new forms of money laundering (AML) are issues that should occupy a central place in the public policy agenda of any country. These endeavors are deeply connected.  For a government to have better results in tackling […]

Public Consultations regulating the offshore electric energy is announced

Through Ordinances GM/MME No. 685 and 686, published on September 9, 2022, the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) launched the opening of Public Consultation No. 134/2022 and 135/2022, in order to discuss (i) a draft proposal of Normative Ordinance which regulates the offshore power generation activities in Brazil; and (ii) a draft proposal of Normative Ordinance which creates the Unified Portal for Management of the Use of Offshore Areas for Power Generation (“Unified Portal”). The period for contributions ends in 30 days (October 11th, 2022).  Complementing the provisions … Read more

National Data Protection Authority publishes guidelines on “Cookies and Personal Data Protection”

On October 18, 2022, the National Data Protection Authority (“ANPD”) published an orientation guide on “Cookies and personal data protection” (“Guide”). The material aims to establish a general scenario about this technology, including the main concepts and classifications of cookies, as well as guide processing agents (controllers and processors) on good practices and requirements that […]

Comparing ESG disclosure rules for funds in the EU, UK and the US

Key takeaways: Europe’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) has been followed by equivalent proposals in other jurisdictions, particularly the UK and US. The European regime and the UK and US proposals are not fundamentally inconsistent but there are clear differences in approach, particularly on labelling. Fund managers marketing products into each of the jurisdictions will […]

Anticorruption and AML in Mexico: Trends and developments

The Global Anti-Corruption Perspective The fight against corruption and the fight against new forms of money laundering (AML) are issues that should occupy a central place in the public policy agenda of any country. These endeavors are deeply connected.  For a government to have better results in tackling these problems, it must put in place a […]

Entrada en vigencia de la Ley N°21.461 “Devuélveme mi casa”

Con fecha 30 de junio de 2022, entró en vigencia la Ley N°21.461, que modifica la Ley N°18.101 que fija Normas Especiales sobre Arrendamiento de Predios Urbanos y el Código de Procedimiento Civil, mediante su publicación en el Diario Oficial. Las principales modificaciones que contempla la Ley N°21.461 dicen relación con: La incorporación de la medida […]

Brazil takes another step toward creating a carbon market

With Federal Decree nº 11.075/2022, Brazil takes another step toward creating a carbon market Brazil has published Federal Decree No. 11.075 which establishes the procedures for Sectorial Plans for Mitigation of Climate Change and institutes Sinare, the National System for the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Since Brazil created its National Policy on Climate Change […]

Merger control in Peru: Ex-officio investigation, killer acquisitions and a new threshold

Merger control is an essential element for any effective competition system, regardless of geography. Although recommended by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) on several occasions,[1]  a merger control regime eluded the Peruvian market up until 2021,[2] when – after several bills failed in Congress – Law N° 31112 was finally enacted in January 2021. […]

Top points from the latest OECD Tax Administration Report

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has published the latest edition of its Tax Administration Report. According to the OECD, this series of Reports aims to provide information that will facilitate dialogue among tax officials on important  tax administration issues.  It also identifies opportunities for revenue bodies to improve the design and administration of […]

Tax incentives in Puerto Rico

For more than 60 years, Puerto Rico has used its unique territorial framework to enact numerous tax incentives programs that have served as its main economic development tool. Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, and the majority of US laws apply in Puerto Rico. However, Puerto Rico also possesses the authority to […]

Mexican Energy Regulatory Commission imposes sanction of more than US$450 million; Mexico’s Supreme Court issues precedent disfavorable to permit holders

On May 25, 2022, Mexico’s Energy Regulatory Commission (Comisión Reguladora de Energía or CRE) imposed a punishing penalty of more than MX$9.145 billion (~US$450 million) on a major player in the Mexican energy sector. The company holds an electric power generation permit under the self-supply scheme (autoabastecimiento). The CRE declared that the company was restricted to […]

The Governor of Puerto Rico signed into law new labor reform legislation – but its implementation is unclear

On June 20, 2022, Governor Pedro Pierluisi signed into law House Bill No. 1244, Act No. 41-2022 (Act No. 41), which amends and partially repeals the Labor Transformation and Flexibilization Act, Act No. 4-2017 (Act No. 4 or Labor Reform of 2017) as well as amends several other employment statutes. In essence, Act No. 41 […]

Breaking taboos; the ascension of FemTechs in the healthcare market

International Women’s Day, celebrated every March 8, focuses on the achievements of women over the years in the cultural, political and socioeconomic contexts, bringing special attention to regarding gender equality and reproductive issues. In connection with this, it is important to highlight the recent development of new trends in the healthcare ecosystem which focus on […]

Se modifica el Decreto Legislativo Nº 1075 que aprueba disposiciones complementarias a la Decisión 486

Perú • Se modifica el Decreto Legislativo Nº 1075 que aprueba disposiciones complementarias a la Decisión 486 de la Comisión de la Comunidad Andina que establece el régimen común sobre Propiedad Industrial El día 21 de junio de 2022, se publicó la Ley Nº 31497, mediante la cual se realizó las siguientes modificaciones e incorporaciones […]

Efectos en Compliance de la Ley 21.459 sobre Delitos Informáticos

El 20 de junio de 2022 se publicó la Ley 21.459 que establece normas sobre Delitos Informáticos, derogando la Ley 19.223 y modificando otros cuerpos legales. La ley regula diversos tipos penales, tales como; ataque a la integridad de un sistema informático, acceso ilícito a un sistema informático, interceptación ilícita de información, falsificación informática, receptación de datos informáticos, entre otros. Se incluye también la […]

Press Releases

Diversity and Inclusion event in Mexico City

DLA Piper’s Diversity and Inclusion event took place last week in Mexico City with clients and partners from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and the US who welcomed our special guests and colleagues. Our Partners for Mexico Kate Brown de Vejar, Gabriela Alvarez Avila,  Alvaro E Garza-Galvan and Edgar Romo Reynoso led the discussions with our guest speakers: Roxana Penagos Vice […]

02 Jun 2023
Celebrating 7 Years in Puerto Rico

Congratulations to our Team at DLA Piper Puerto Rico. Founded by Francisco Cerezo, Chair of the US-Latin America Practice, and managed by Nikos Buxeda, Managing Partner, and Miriam de L. Figueroa, Deputy Manager Partner. This week we celebrated 7 years in business, welcoming over 125 guests at our anniversary reception in San Juan. We thank all of our clients, attorneys, […]

02 Jun 2023
Clean Energy Tax Credit CLE webinar series

Electric vehicle tax credits: highlights for the automotive, transportation, and clean energy industries Please join us for the second session in our Clean Energy Tax Credit CLE and CPE speaker series. This session will provide an overview of new federal EV tax credits as well as a discussion of the practical implications for your business, […]

30 May 2023
San Juan Anniversary Reception

You’re invited to join us in San Juan, Puerto Rico for our 7th anniversary reception. RSVP: [email protected]

02 May 2023
Welcomes Robert da Silva Ashley as a partner in the Finance group

DLA Piper is pleased to welcome partner Robert da Silva Ashley to the firm’s Leveraged Finance subgroup within the Finance group. He will also serve as the Regional Co-Leader, Latin America P3 and Infrastructure, and split his time between the firm’s New York and Miami offices. Robert focuses his practice on complex cross-border and domestic […]

02 May 2023
Welcomes Joseph Stefano as a partner in the Finance group

DLA Piper is pleased to welcome New York-based partner Joe Stefano to the firm’s Finance group. Joe has over 25 years of extensive experience structuring and restructuring a broad range of secured and unsecured financings in connection with corporate finance, trade and export finance, big ticket asset finance and project, energy and infrastructure finance transactions, […]

02 May 2023
DLA Piper announces partnership promotions for 2023

DLA Piper is proud to announce 72 lawyers have been promoted to its partnership. The promotions are effective as of April 1st in the United States and May 1st for EMEA and Asia Pacific. Promotions have been made across all of the firm’s practice areas, spanning 42 offices in 20 countries. Globally, Corporate saw the […]

02 May 2023
Advises Overhaul in its acquisition of SensiGuard® and securing of US$73 million in growth financing

DLA Piper advised Overhaul, a software-based, supply-chain visibility, risk, compliance and insurance solution for the world’s leading brands, in the acquisition of SensiGuard® security services from Sensitech®. Additionally, DLA Piper advised Overhaul on securing US$73 million in new growth capital including US$38 million in equity and US$35 million in debt financing. Overhaul will deploy the […]

06 Apr 2023
Corruption and corporate crime across the Americas (A CLE webinar series)

Regional concerns for your business – Anticorruption focus For companies doing business across the Americas, it is imperative to understand the risks and enforcement developments associated with each major region, particularly Brazil, Mexico, Canada and the US. To help your company minimize exposure and prepare for increased regulatory scrutiny, DLA Piper is excited to launch […]

04 Apr 2023
No. 1 Firm in 2022 for M&A in Colombia

With great pride, we share that we close 2022 being the #1 firm in M&A. We thank each of our clients for their trust and congratulate our team for their excellence and commitment. Read more

02 Mar 2023
Makes the top 3 for transaction advice

DLA Piper and PPU lawyers make up the top 3 for transaction advice Camilo Martínez Beltrán, managing partner of DLA Piper Martínez Beltrán, is the first professional on the list after advising six business movements last year for a total value of US$3,852 million. In second and third place, there are two lawyers from Philippi, […]

02 Mar 2023
DLA Piper represented Mexicanos Primero in lawsuit benefitting 30 million children in rural Mexico

DLA Piper successfully represented education-focused nongovernmental agency Mexicanos Primero in a lawsuit aimed at preventing cutbacks to the School is Ours program, which extended school hours for students at more than 25,000 schools and gave working parents more time to work to support their families. The lawsuit filed by Aprender Primero, the legal arm of […]

28 Feb 2023
DLA Piper expands its Litigation Practice in Puerto Rico

DLA Piper is expanding its Litigation Practice with the addition of Nereida Melendez-Rivera and Sonia Torres-Pabon who focus their practice on white collar defense and corporate investigations. They arrive as partners in the firm’s San Juan office in Puerto Rico. “Our white collar and global investigations practice is growing throughout Latin America, which makes Nereida and Sonia’s move an […]

27 Feb 2023
DLA Piper expands its Corporate Practice with the addition of Michael McGuinness and Marcello Hallake in New York

DLA Piper is pleased to welcome New York-based partners Michael McGuinness and Marcello Hallake to the firm’s Corporate practice. McGuinness and Hallake are leading cross-border and international corporate attorneys focused on high profile global M&A transactions. They each bring more than 25 years of experience leading and managing transformative cross-border M&A transactions and providing high value corporate advice to […]

10 Feb 2023
DLA Piper announces new Latin American practice leadership

DLA Piper is pleased to announce several changes to its Latin American practice leadership in its Finance, Litigation and Arbitration, Real Estate and Restructuring practices, as well as several changes to leadership in sectors and special projects for PPP/Infrastructure, Financial Services and Financial Technology, Emerging Growth and Venture Capital, Insurance, Energy and Natural Resources and […]

01 Feb 2023
DLA Piper advises Eagle Football on acquisition of controlling stake in Olympique Lyonnais

A DLA Piper team spanning France, the US, the UK, Belgium, and Brazil has advised the Eagle Football group of companies (Eagle Football), a London-based group founded by US digital entrepreneur and football enthusiast John Textor, on Eagle Football Holdings Bidco Limited,  completing its acquisition of a significant controlling stake in Olympique Lyonnais Groupe (OL […]

30 Dec 2022
Represented Brazilian bank Itaú in its recent acquisition of minority stakes in Uruguayan fintech companies Prex and Paigo

Prex provides financial services to more than one million customers in Argentina, Peru and Uruguay. Its platform allows users to make local and international purchases, transfers and service payments, and apply for personal loans and access tools to manage personal finances. Paigo is a digital financial services platform for unbanked people in Uruguay. The transaction […]

30 Nov 2022
DLA Piper Chile advises on the entry of the Swedish giant Grupo H&M to the ownership of the Chilean clothing startup Vestuá

The local firm was founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs Joaquín Zavala and Santiago Valdés, and several Chilean investors had already joined, such as Pablo Turner and Grupo Prisma, led by Matías Claro. This is the first time that H&M has invested in a Latin American startup. This Monday, a relevant operation materialized in the world of […]

09 Nov 2022
Campos Mello Advogados advises 777 Partners in the acquisition of 70 percent share of Vasco da Gama SAF

Campos Mello Advogados (CMA), in cooperation with DLA Piper, advised the Miami-based private investment firm 777 Partners in the negotiation and execution of a binding offer for the acquisition of 70 percent of the capital stock in Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama (Vasco), one of Brazil’s most historic football clubs. 777 Partners acquired a […]

08 Nov 2022
Campos Mello Advogados adds six new partners across its M&A, Antitrust, Labour, Tax and Litigation practices

November, 2022 – Campos Mello Advogados (CMA), which operates in cooperation with DLA Piper, is expanding its team and further consolidating its full-service approach with the arrival of six new partners today across its Antitrust, M&A, Tax, Litigation and Labor practices. Miriam Machado joins CMA’s M&A practice, adding her vast experience in M&A, reorganizations, private […]

07 Nov 2022
DLA Piper Argentina advised Banco Voii S.A. on the issuance of Short-Term Debt Securities

DLA Piper represented Banco Voii S.A. in the issuance of Class VII Short-Term Debt Securities (the “Class VII CDS”) for a total face value of approximately AR$519 million. The Class VII CDS have a term of nine months, amortize in full on the maturity date and accrue interest payable quarterly at a variable annual nominal […]

03 Oct 2022
DLA Piper Martinez Beltrán advises in a financing agreement for Vías del Nus toll road project for up to US$332m

DLA Piper Martínez Beltrán advised Bancolombia S.A., Banco de Bogotá S.A., Banco de Occidente S.A. and Instituto para el Desarrollo de Antioquia in the negotiation, execution and closing of a facility agreement for the refinancing of the Vías del Nus toll road project, part of the 4G Concession program. The agreement includes the cash out, […]

03 Oct 2022
Campos Mello Advogados advises Starboard in joint acquisition of Pampa Sul power plant in deal worth approximately BRL$2.2 billion

Campos Mello Advogados (CMA), in cooperation with DLA Piper, advised Grafito Fundo de Investimento em Participações Infraestrutura (Starboard), an investment fund managed by Starboard, in the joint acquisition of the Pampa Sul thermal power plant with Perfin. Starboard and Perfin agreed to acquire 100 percent of Pampa Sul from Engie, one of the largest coal […]

03 Oct 2022
DLA Piper Peru advises Banco BTG Pactual on a syndicated corporate financing granted to La Virgen S.A.C.

DLA Piper Peru advised Banco BTG Pactual, the biggest investment bank from Latin America, in a syndicated corporate financing granted to La Virgen S.A.C. (“La Virgen”) for a total of up to US$90 million, which will be used for working capital and the prepayment of loans, among other purposes. The loan is backed by a […]

03 Oct 2022
DLA Piper in Mexico and Colombia represents Acon-Vitalis in US$50 million cross-border loan

DLA Piper Mexico and DLA Piper Martínez Beltrán represented Acon-Vitalis Investments LLC on the financing granted by Banco BTG Pactual, Banco de Bogotá S.A., Banco de Occidente S.A. and Banco Santander de Negocios Colombia S.A. to several Vitalis companies, to finance working capital needs for US$50 million. Acon-Vitalis is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of […]

25 Jul 2022
DLA Piper México represents Xinfra Fibra E, the first Fibra E of the year

DLA Piper México represents Xinfra Fibra E, the first Fibra E of the year, in its first M&A transaction consisting in the acquisition of a majority stake in the Celaya Highway Project for approximately US$74 million 11 July 2022 DLA Piper México represented Xinfra Fibra E in its acquisition of 90 percent of the capital […]

25 Jul 2022
DLA Piper expands its Litigation Practice in Puerto Rico

DLA Piper is expanding its Litigation Practice with the addition of Nereida Melendez-Rivera and Sonia Torres-Pabon who focus their practice on white collar defense and corporate investigations. They arrive as partners in the firm’s San Juan office in Puerto Rico. “Our white collar and global investigations practice is growing throughout Latin America, which makes Nereida and Sonia’s move an […]

12 Jul 2022

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