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Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen is a dedicated Danish corporate law firm with strong international relations.With approximately 40 highly skilled employees we are one of Denmark’s leading law firms within M&A, private equity and venture capital, real estate and distressed M&A.

At Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen, we believe in dedication without compromise. This means that we are always available to our clients, partners being no exception. Our advice to our clients is cantered on their specific and strategic needs and goals.

We take pride in training our attorneys to call our clients instead of emailing them and to visit our clients instead of calling them. To us, client relations are professional social relations that are best developed and maintained by a continual investment of our time and genuine interest.

Our attorneys receive a broad education with individual development of key competences relevant to our clients. We have an extensive secondment programme with leading law firms worldwide as well as with several of our clients, which provides our attorneys with the opportunity to learn even more about the specific businesses as well as the legal and commercial needs of our clients. While this strengthens the professional and international skills of the individual attorney, it also enables the firm to remain professionally updated on the international market developments in a globalized world.

Key Contacts

Dan Moalem
T. +45 33 77 90 10
M.+45 30 37 96 10

Thomas Weitemeyer
T. +45 33 77 90 90
M.+45 30 37 96 90

Claus Molbech Bendtsen
T. +45 33 77 90 60
M.+45 30 37 96 60



Adjusted Recommendations on Corporate Governance

(Denmark, June 2020) Since submitting the annual reports for 2015, commercial funds have had to consider the Recommendations on Corporate Governance (the “Recommendations”) on a “comply-or-explain” basis. This has meant that commercial funds that have chosen to not follow one or more parts of the Recommendations have had to give an account therefore. In June […]

16 Jul 2020
Sustainable Financing Options – No 1 in a Series of Briefs on Sustainable Financing

(Denmark, June 2020) Businesses and organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of operating in an environmentally and socially responsible way. Many have committed to soft law codices in which they undertake to achieve certain benchmarks such as CO2 reduction or increased use of recyclable materials. The need for sustainable financing products has emerged in […]

16 Jul 2020
The European General Court stresses the need for a comprehensive Market Analysis prior to any Merger being prohibited

(Denmark, July 2020) In May 2020, the General Court of the European Union (the “Court”) overturned the European Commission’s decision to prohibit the merger between CK Hutchison’s Three and Telefonica’s O2 UK in 2016. The decision itself as well as the Court’s argumentation are significant reminders to the European Commission (the “Commission”) to act very carefully […]

16 Jul 2020

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