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Managing Partners: Simona Lavagnini, Luigi Goglia
Number of partners: 4
Number of lawyers: 8
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian

Firm Overview:
LGV Avvocati is an independent law firm founded in 2003 in Milan (Italy). LGV specialises in IP and business law and has a large client base, both domestic and foreign. The firm has acquired considerable wide-ranging legal experience, principally in respect of firms having significant IP assets, and innovative business ventures. LGV values a dynamic and international professional team environment and has a department specifically focused on Germany and other German-speaking countries. Moreover, LGV is a firm accustomed to managing cases of a transnational nature. In litigation LGV offers an unrivalled competence, acquired over the years in relation to enforcement programmes concerning both national and international profiles.

Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment
IT, Internet & E-commerce
Corporate & Business
Competition & Antitrust
Litigation & Arbitration
German Desk

Main Areas of Practice:

Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment:
LGV is one of the very few Italian law firms able to provide assistance of the highest level in all fields of industrial and intellectual property, including copyright (with particular focus on its application to new technologies), trademarks, patents, design and know-how. LGV assists its national and international clients in each phase of the existence of their intangible property and their good and services, from the creation and development, to their compliance with International, European and domestic regulations and standards, to their continuous strive for perfection (also from an economic perspective) and their defence before all competent bodies.

IT, Internet & E-Commerce:
LGV deals intensively with IT, dealing both with out-of-court advice and litigation. LGV has been involved in issues relating to cloud services, outsourcing agreements, software and IT contracts, as well as leading cases concerning the defence of both right-holders and users. In addition, LGV deals with contracts for the management of different activities provided via the internet (both B2B and B2C), data privacy and information contained on websites and contracts/informative notes for clients and/or third parties (IP profiles and consumer protection). In litigation, LGV has acquired a wide experience in fighting IP rights violation in the IT environment, for copyright assets, trademarks, designs, etc. being involved in some of the leading case in this field in Italy.

Privacy & Cyber Security:
LGV has acquired a wide experience in data privacy matters, also thanks to its knowledge of new technologies and all issues concerning Internet. LGV has therefore provided advice in relation to the GDPR, for all kinds of clients and all sorts of different issues involved (from sensitive data to social network to e-commerce platforms, etc.). LGV carries out such activities also with the collaboration of IT companies which ensure that clients receive both legal and technical assistance tailor made to their needs. In cybersecurity, LGV has deepened many issues, mainly concerning the protection against possible breaches of IT systems, both from a civil and a criminal point of view.

Corporate & Business:
LGV provides on-going assistance to enterprises, particularly those operating in the technology sector. The firm deals with all matters concerning the establishment of a corporation (bylaws, shareholder agreements) and the opening of Italian branches. LGV also assists in M&A (from due diligence activities, to contractual arrangements, and post-closing assistance). The firm also has experience in providing its clients with assistance for the development and better management of international businesses.

Advertising & Marketing:
LGV provides its clients with assistance in all relevant phases of advertising and marketing activities, from the clearance of the initiative (whether an advertisement, or commercial information, press releases, etc.) to contentious activities, before all competent authorities (civil courts, Antitrust Authority, Jury).

Competition & Antitrust:
LGV assists in the valorisation and defence of any immaterial asset, which may be valuable for the business albeit not protected by industrial or intellectual property rights (ideas, commercial processes, etc.). LGV has also acquired extensive experience in relation to matters such as trade secrets, know-how, slavish imitation, commercial slander, misappropriation, sale at a loss, diversion of employees, boycott, parasitic competition, antitrust matters and others.

Litigation & Arbitration:
LGV boasts of a specific and well-established experience in litigation, including especially interim measures of all kinds, to provide clients with quick solutions for their business. LGV has also experience in the management of cross-border litigation and relies, both within Italy and abroad, on a network of legal and technical experts who collaborate and support the firm, and who conform to pre-established criteria for reporting, activity management, and invoicing, thus guaranteeing the supervision of all relevant activities.

German Desk:
Due to inclusion of mother-tongue professionals and the fact that several of them have followed academic and professional itineraries in German-speaking countries, LGV has a relevant number of German-speaking clients, active in many market segments, ranging from fashion and beauty-care to the sectors of mechanics, chemistry, electronics and pharmaceutics. The firm also offers assistance in relation to issues involving Germany, as a result of the services performed by one of the lawyers at LGV who is admitted to the bar in that country.

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Managing Partner:

Simona Lavagnini

Managing Partner:

Luigi Goglia

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