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We are an international business law firm based in Milan, established in 1965.

Our firm comprises a multi-disciplinary practice of lawyers and tax accountants, with a diverse range of skills and backgrounds. Our team includes dual-qualified Italian and English lawyers together with Italian Dottori Commercialisti (qualified tax practitioners).

Many of our clients are fast growing and several are leaders in their industry sectors.

With established relationships with selected law firms in important business centres across the US, Europe and Asia, we provide our clients with a combination of in-depth local knowledge and a unique global perspective.

We are organized around the following practice areas: corporate and commercial (including M&A), corporate compliance, banking and finance, insolvency and restructuring, tax, life sciences, project finance, employment, administrative law and real estate, litigation and arbitration, and intellectual property.


Administrative and real estate                               Francesca Masotti
Administrative and real estate                               Carlo Piatti
Banking and finance                                                Mascia Cassella
Corporate and commercial                                     Luca Masotti
Corporate compliance                                             Mascia Cassella
Employment                                                              Barbara Cassol
Insolvency and restructuring                                 Mascia Cassella
Insolvency and restructuring                                 Francesca Masotti
Life sciences                                                             Luca Masotti
Litigation and arbitration                                        Luca Masotti
Litigation and arbitration                                        Carlo Piatti
Project finance and energy                                     Mascia Cassella
Tax                                                                              Francesca Maso



Key Contacts


Luca Masotti


Francesca Masotti


Mascia Cassella


Carlo Piatti

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Band 4


Life Sciences
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Legislative Decrees on Medical Devices

On September 13 2022, Legislative Decrees on medical devices (137/2022) and in vitro diagnostics (138/2022) were published in Italy’s Official Gazette. These measures harmonize Italian law with the new EU Regulations 745/2017 and 746/2017 (“Regulations”) – amending and repealing (with specific timelines) the previous decrees – and introduce a new legislative framework consistent with the […]

Tax concessions for the purchase of electricity and gas – “Energy” Decree and “Ukraine” Decree

I DL n.17/2022 (“Decreto Energia”) e DL 21/2022 (“Decreto Ucraina”) hanno introdotto alcune agevolazioni fiscali per il contenimento dei costi sostenuti per l’acquisto dell’energia elettrica e del gas naturale e per contrastare gli effetti economici e umanitari della crisi ucraina. Il DL n.17/2022 (Decreto Energia), prevede le seguenti agevolazioni fiscali: – all’articolo 4, un credito […]

National Recovery and Resilience Plan (“NRRP”) – Mission 6: Health

Introduction The pandemic has made some critical aspects of a structural nature even more evident in the health sector, which in the future could be aggravated by the increased demand for care resulting from the ongoing demographic, epidemiological and social trends; in particular: (i)   significant territorial disparities in the provision of services; (ii)  inadequate synchronisation […]

Medical Devices and Advertising in Italy

Prior to the innovations introduced by Article 7 of the Medical Device Directive 2017/745 (the “MDR”) there was little uniformity of approach or guidance on the issue of advertising and what statements could be made in relation to medical devices (“Advertising). There was no reference to Advertising in the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC of 14 […]

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