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Firm Overview:

We are boutique law firm specialized in insurance and reinsurance, bonds, dispute resolution, litigation and arbitration, legal cooperation, as well as crisis and risk management.

Our widespread expertise in both the local and international sector, defending insurance, reinsurance and bonding companies, has placed us in a privileged position, as we know and understand better than anyone the needs, difficulties, strengths and weaknesses, of each of the parties involved in disputes in Latin America, especially in Mexico, making COLIN VEGA FLETES a unique firm in those fields.

This entourage has fostered COLIN VEGA FLETES to gather vast experience in handling complex cases and nurtured the versatility to cooperate amid other local and international firms and entities, in American, European and Asian jurisdictions, pertaining to a prestigious professional legal network.


Insurance and Reinsurance

Capitalizing on the experience and knowledge achieved both locally and internationally, has allowed us to obtain a global perspective on risk management, to deliver specialised legal guidance on insurance and/or reinsurance matters, both as a preventive measure and in disputes.


We gather experience amid the bonds market to handle all stages of administrative or judicial claims, either when dealing with private or public entities.

Dispute resolution, litigation and arbitration

over 20 years’ experience in handling complex claims, dispute resolution, litigation and arbitration of complex cases, representing both private and public entities in Mexican and Latin-American jurisdictions.

Crisis Management

In Latin-American jurisdictions, legal crisis arising from complex cases often require timely attention to successfully and simultaneously address an array of judicial or arbitration procedures of diverse nature, coupled with the containment and mitigation of other downsides due to the involvement of media, social networks, politics or reputational damages.

Legal Collaboration in Mexico and Latin America

Established as a strategic partner amid foreign firms when seeking representation or assistance in Mexico and Latin America, as well as within local offices which lack insurance and reinsurance specialities, fostering synergies to deliver timely and high-quality advice, blending local experience with global perspective.


English (fluent)

AIDA International Insurance Law Association
Exclusive member of Meritas.
Harmonie group

Key Contacts

Managing Partner

Francisco Fernandez Guerra Fletes
[email protected]
+52 55 26 23 06 12


Jose Luis Colin Vega
[email protected]
+52 55 26 23 06 12


Head of Corporate
Jose Luis Arce Fernandez
[email protected]
+52 55 26 23 06 12

Firm Rankings

Band 1



The “a, b, c,” of the fires

The “a, b, c,” of the fires for the purposes of the insurance contract One of the most frequent risks in insurance contracts, specifically in the damage branch, are fires, which occur to a greater extent in establishments, whether homes, factories or shops, due to various factors such as electrical installations in poor condition, high […]

Fundamental legal aspects for the digital sale of insurance in Mexico

When we talk about the sale of insurance in Mexico, various aspects and legal implications must be considered. The change in the mindset, habits and behaviors of clients has resulted in insurers facing a constant challenge to integrate digital channels as a means to streamline their tasks, be more efficient and ultimately more profitable. The conquest […]

The Importance of Insurance in Hurricane Season

To put this into context, worldwide in 2017 natural phenomena caused losses of around 330 million dollars -due to the earthquakes that were added that year-, in 2018 for 186 and in 2019 for 150, of which there were only insured and were compensated 135, 86 and 52 million dollars, respectively. From the foregoing, it […]

Press Releases

COLIN VEGA FLETES becomes a member of AGERS

As of 2020 COLIN VEGA FLETES  Abogados was invited to be part of the Spanish Association of Risk Management and Insurance (“AGERS”). AGERS is an association whose purpose is to disseminate the scientific methods of Risk Management to adapt it to methodological changes, to the needs of society and companies. It is a meeting point that facilitates the transfer […]

04 Aug 2021
Anticipates Expansion in Europe

With the appointment of a managing director in Spain and solidifies its presence in Mexico welcoming two new partners. With the founding of our office in Spain in 2018, COLIN VEGA FLETES ABOGADOS established itself in Europe. Today, we have moved beyond our earliest expectations, achieving a level of recognition that has led to an accelerated growth. This results from […]

04 Aug 2021

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