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Firm Overview

COMAD was founded 51 years ago, in 1965. Originally established as a general practice and litigation law firm, in the mid 80’s, infrastructure projects and public procurement became its focus. Later on, COMAD became one of the leading and most respected boutique law firms in the areas of public construction, energy, water, oil, and public procurement.

In the last 20 years, COMAD has acted as a counsellor of major Mexican, European and American infrastructure companies in projects related to: water, sewage, energy (transmission lines, substations, plants and distribution), oil and petrochemicals, as well as infrastructure projects in the health sector (hospitals), transportation (highways, and subway transportation systems), airports, among many others.

Its international experience in projects related to health, highways and transmission lines, among others, is complemented by its strong relationships with law firms all around the world. Giving COMAD advantageous position in the global market.

COMAD works on three axis: (i) specialisation, (ii) ethical conducting and (iii) personal attention. Clients of the firm know that the COMAD will only handle cases that it knows it that can manage with experience and prior knowledge; that the firm will never incur into any situation that can jeopardise the client’s position from an ethical point of view, and that partners of the firm will be the key contact points of the client. Thus assuring the client personalised and quality services.

Managing Partner: Roberto Hernández García
Partners: Eulalio Hernández Avalos, María Isabel Rodriguez Suarez
Number of partners: 3
Number of other lawyers: 3

Areas of Practice:
Public Procurement:
Construction law (including Disputes): 30%
Compliance: 30%
Mexican Administrative Law: 10%

Main Areas of Expertise:

Construction Law:
The firm’s construction law practice represents clients in all aspects of construction law: from public bids or negotiation to drafting and negotiation of engineering, construction, project management, and related contracts and subcontracts; contract administration; construction claims, construction disputes (litigation, mediation, arbitration, dispute boards), as well as related insurance and securities matters. COMAD has participated in some of the most relevant infrastructure and private construction projects in Mexico and Central America, such as the Panama canal, the two largest breweries in Mexico ($4 billion) and the new Mexico City Airport ($6 billion), among others. Some of the clients of the firm are the most important construction and infrastructure companies in the country and in America, and is the only Mexican law firm with proven international experience in dispute boards in this region.

Public Procurement:
The firm’s public procurement practice represents clients in all aspects of public procurement. From evaluation of bid documents, bid instructions, preparation of bids, assistance during bid procedures, presentations of proposals, award challenges and bid protests, contract claims, and dispute resolution. COMAD has participated in some of the most relevant public procurement procedures and bid protests in Mexico in the areas of construction, technology of information, sale of transportation goods, nuclear services, personnel services, electric and electronic goods, pharmaceutical, laboratory services, among many others. Members of the firm are recognised worldwide for their work in this area of practice.

The firm’s compliance practice represents clients in all aspects of anticorruption regulation and corporate corruption investigations (support to FCPA , UK Bribery Acts and to the Federal Anticorruption in Public Procurement Law regulations). From the preventive side, the firm helps companies to establish or apply secure guidelines with a focus on Mexican practice and culture. From the investigation side, the firm attends and supports companies and foreign law firms in order to face investigations.

Mexican Administrative Law (Energy, Oil, Water, Sewage, Infrastructure, Standards):
The firm’s Mexican administrative law practice, mainly represents clients in the matters related to natural resources (energy, oil, water, sewage, infrastructure, and standards), as well as other areas of administrative law from contentious and dispute sides.

International Work:
COMAD is a founding member and partner of CONSTRULEGAL, the alliance of leading construction law firms of the Americas. With these approaches, COMAD has reached an important level of understanding of the international market, knowing law firms from all around the globe.

Languages: Spanish, English, Italian, French.

COMAD serves an impressive list of top tier national and international clients in the construction, engineering and architecture sectors; pharmaceutical sector; technology industry; foreign law firms; and transportation among many others.


Key Contacts

Managing Partner

Roberto Hernández Garcia

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