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Firm Description:

Dumont is a Mexican intellectual property firm. The practice includes all aspects of obtaining, registering and protecting inventions (patents, utility models and industrial designs), distinctive signs (marks, trade names, brand slogans and designations of origin), copyrights (owner and author’s rights, related rights) and information technologies (domain names and Internet assets). It also has expert litigation, anticounterfeiting and related commercial law (corporate, licensing and tax) capabilities that provide a full array of IP related legal services. With more than 75 years of experience, the firm has remained contemporary and responsive to ever-changing client needs. Consistent with its commitment to technology, efficiency and the highest quality service, the firm is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Managing Partner: Laura Collada
Partner & CFO: Oscar Jimenez
Partner & Head of Trademarks: Christian Thomae
Partner & Head of Patents: Víctor Garrido
Partner & Head of Litigation: Israel Escobedo
Number of other lawyers: 24
Number of Engineers (Patent Attorneys): 25

Main Areas of Expertise:

The patent team includes lawyers, engineers and specialists, most of whom have been examiners in the MPTO. The scope and depth of their technical knowledge and experience allows them to address each invention/innovation individually and ensure that every client receives the benefit of their expertise throughout the patenting process.

With personalised attention to the protection of trademarks and other distinctive signs, the trademark group manages clearance, registration and maintenance with diligence and insight. When appropriate, the team will recommend alternative actions such as reclassification to obtain the broadest possible protection. It also provides Latin American regional portfolio management.

The practice group advises on the protection, negotiation and defence of copyrights, author’s rights and related rights. It formulates strategies and actions for the optimal protection of literary and artistic works, television and radio program titles, periodical publications, fictitious characters, music, recordings, cinematographic productions and all other media works.

Information Technologies:
Given the rapid developments in technology, the firm has established a specific practice group for domain name protection and recovery through WIPO’s UDRP and LDRP, as well as local procedures. The firm advises on IP rights and protection of IP owners in cyberspace, including negotiating and drafting arrangements with Internet service providers and for data protection.

Corporate, Licensing & Regulatory Affairs:
The firm advises clients on commercial transaction and corporate matters related to intellectual property. Its specialists identify and prepare licenses, technology transfers and authorisations of user rights. The group also counsels on tax and regulatory affairs.

The firm handles all types of contested proceedings in both the civil and criminal enforcement of intellectual property rights. The litigation group is experienced in patent and trademark cancellations, nullity and invalidation actions, as well as infringement cases and other proceedings or appeals involving provisional or precautionary measures, injunctive relief, and/or compensation for damages.

The anti-counterfeiting group is experienced in customs and border measures. It advises on planning and execution of searches and seizures of counterfeit goods. It also handles criminal, civil and administrative proceedings against counterfeiters, as well as damages settlements.

International Work:
Dumont provides comprehensive services to many international clients and global market leaders, in such industries as pharmaceuticals, petrochemical, biotechnology, mechanical, electrical, telecommunications.

English, French, German, Spanish.

Copyright & IT: Laura Collada, Israel Escobedo
Corporate, Licensing & Regulatory Affairs: Israel Escobedo
Civil Litigation: Israel Escobedo
Enforcement & Litigation: Laura Collada, Israel Escobedo
Patents: Victor Garrido, Angelica Dominguez, Romeo Chora
Trademarks: Christian Thomae, Ariadna Galvez
Anti-Counterfeiting: Israel Escobedo

Key Contacts

Managing Partner:

Laura Collada
[email protected]


Christian Thomae
[email protected]


Victor Garrido
[email protected]


Israel Escobedo
[email protected]

Firm Rankings

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IP: Patents: Prosecution
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IP: Trademarks
Band 2


IP: trademarks: Contentious
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IP: Trademarks: Prosecution
Band 2



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