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Firm Overview:

SRS Legal is a full-service, multi-practice law firm advising clients on all aspects of domestic, as well as international law. The firm’s lawyers are focused on their clients’ business and have gained knowledge and experience advising large national and international corporate groups, financial institutions, as well as local and national authorities. Through the creation of SRS Global (Angola, Brazil, Macau, Malta, Mozambique, Portugal and Singapore), as well the creation of a strong network of international relationships with third parties, the firm aims to extend its experience, expertise and services globally so as to ensure that it can respond efficiently to complex issues with global implications.

Number of partners: 27

Number of assistants: 140

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish


Main Areas of Practice:

Arbitration & Mediation: Administrative, civil and commercial, ICC, ICSID, tax.

Contacts: José Carlos Soares Machado, José Luís Moreira da Silva

Competition & EU:Complaints, investigations and dawn raids, compliance programmes, EU law, EU litigation, horizontal and vertical agreements, merger control, state aid.

Contact: Gonçalo Anastácio

Corporate & Commercial: Commercial contracts, corporate governance, startups, joint ventures.

Contacts: Octávio Castelo Paulo, Nuno Miguel Prata, Paulo Bandeira, Maria Paula Milheirão

Data Protection & Cybersecurity: Digital economy, e-privacy, GDPR.

Contact: Luís Neto Galvão

Dispute Resolution: Commercial and financial litigation, contractual and non-contractual liability, due diligence, professional liability, tax.

Contacts: José Carlos Soares Machado, Maria José de Tavares, Regina Santos Pereira, Carla Neves Matias e Natália Garcia Alves

Employment & Social Security: Collective bargaining and management of collective disputes, international assignments/secondments, corporate restructuring and transfer of undertakings, general employment advice, employment disputes, individual and collective termination of employment, legal and procedural due diligence.

Contacts: César Sá Esteves, Mariana Caldeira Sarávia, Ana Luísa Beirão, Cláudia Varela

Energy: Electricity, oil and gas, regulatory, renewables.

Contacts: Gonçalo Anastácio, José Luís Moreira da Silva

Environment: Impact assessments, liability, litigation.

Contact: José Luís Moreira da Silva

Finance: Asset management, banking, capital markets, corporate finance, derivatives, project finance, regulatory, securitisation.

Contacts: Pedro Rebelo de Sousa, William Smithson, Alexandra Valente

Immigration & Golden Visa: Citizenship, Golden Visa, immigration: visas and residence permits.

Contact: Raquel Cuba Martins

Insurance & Pensions: Life and non-life insurance contracts, mediation, pension funds, regulatory.

Contacts: César Sá Esteves, Françoise Le Quer

Intellectual Property: Advertising and franchising, domain names, software and internet, IP and copyright litigation, technology transfer.

Contacts: João Paulo Mioludo

Life Sciences & Healthcare: Biotech start-ups, seed-funding and financing, clinical trials, food supplements and cosmetics, health data protection and legal audits, human tissues, organs and cells, licensing, distribution, promotion, publicity and marketing, regulatory, compliance, pricing and reimbursements.

Contacts: César Sá Esteves, Ana Menéres

M&A:Acquisitions/divestments, due diligence, joint-ventures, LBO’s/MBI’s/MBO’s, privatisations, restructurings.

Contacts: Pedro Rebelo de Sousa, Octávio Castelo Paulo, William Smithson

Private Equity & Venture Capital: Due diligence, establishment and registration of venture capital funds and companies, fundraising, regulatory, structuring and implementation of investments and divestments.

Contacts: Alexandra Valente, Gustavo Ordonhas Oliveira, Paulo Bandeira

Public Procurement:

Administrative dispute resolution, licensing, concessions and public procurement, PPP/PFI, regulatory, urban planning.

Contacts: José Luís Moreira da Silva, Alexandre Roque

Real Estate: Commercial and residential acquisitions, construction licensing, real estate finance, real estate funds, security packages, tourism and real estate projects.

Contact: Neuza Pereira de Campos

Startups: Business structuring and corporate governance, commercial contracts, licensing, development and distribution of softwar, public and private financing, spin-off operations, tax structuring and planning.

Contacts: Paulo Bandeira, Gustavo Ordonhas Oliveira

Tax: Audits, compliance, corporate and personal tax structuring, due diligence, international/domestic tax planning, litigation and arbitration.

Contact: Mafalda Alves

TMT – Telecommunications, Media & Technology: Data protection and privacy, internet, media, regulatory, software.

Contacts: Luís Neto Galvão, Octávio Castelo Paulo

Transport & Shipping: Contracts, security and vessel registration, infrastructure management and public service contracts, maritime litigation and arrest of vessels, PPP/PFI, public licensing and tenders, public service obligations.

Contacts: José Luís Moreira da Silva, Alexandre Roque

White Collar Crime: Compliance, corporate crime audits, litigation.

Contact: Mafalda Alves

Key Contacts

Managing Partner: 

Pedro Rebelo de Sousa
[email protected]

Firm Rankings

Administrative & Public Law
Band 2


Banking & Finance
Band 2


Capital Markets
Band 2


Capital Markets: Debt
Band 2


Capital markets: Equity
Band 2


Band 1

Band 1


Data Protection
Band 2


Dispute Resolution
Band 2


Energy & Natural Resources
Band 2


Labour & Employment
Band 1

Life Sciences
Band 2


Band 3


Private Equity
Band 3


Band 2


Real Estate
Band 3


Restructuring & Insolvency
Band 3


Band 3


Band 1

Band 1



Do we hire indefinitely or do we “geringonçamos”?

Chegámos a um intrincado de regimes cuja complexidade se adensa com as novas alterações laborais que aí vêm. Advogada Se, na opinião de muitos, despedir alguém em Portugal não é fácil, contratar vai sendo cada vez mais difícil. Uma verdadeira “geringonça”. Sob a égide do combate ao trabalho precário, chegámos a um intrincado de regimes […]

Finally, “Decent Work”?

A recente reforma laboral é tema que tem ocupado lugar cimeiro nas atenções dos media e dos vários players do mercado laboral. E não é para menos, uma vez que esta alteração afeta mais de uma dezena de diplomas legais, entre os quais, o Código do Trabalho. Várias têm sido as vozes que se pronunciam […]

Brief Aspects on Electric Mobility in Portugal

Heavily pressured by the energy dependence on oil and the environmental impact associated with the use of fossil fuels, Portugal has made a relevant bet on new energy models for mobility, based on a logic of sustainability and boosting the quality of life of citizens. In this context, the project of the electric mobility network, […]

Taxation of non-residents for capital gains derived from immovable property situated in Portugal after the state budget law for 2023

Currently, the regime for non-residents is the same as that for residents, which means only 50% of capital gains are taxable and the taxable amount is subject to progressive tax rates. Portuguese legislation had long been under the scrutiny of the European Court of Justice (ECJ). The first version of the rule in question foresaw […]

Netflix promised endless sharing but the rules of the game were set. Restless data protection: is the wolf coming?

“When subscribing to the service and therefore the beginning of the contractual relationship, the user accepts the terms and conditions”, being “underlying that the account cannot be shared outside the respective residence”. Therefore, continues João Paulo Mioludo, partner at SRS Legal, if you decide to share your login credentials with people who do not live […]

Projected changes to labour legislation and the main challenges for employers

Last June, Proposal for Law No. 15/XV was presented, under the which are expected to be amendments to the and other related legislation, in particular the legal regime professional traineeships, the entry of which is scheduled for 1 January 2023. The changes contained in the proposed law, to be approved as they are drafted, address some of the issues relevant to the […]

Lawyers anticipate increase in sublease disputes

«”The substitution of the State in the payment of the rents may be a positive sign for landlords, as long as it is not dependent on the verification of requirements that are not compatible with the reality of the market”, considers Regina Santos Pereira, a Partner at SRS Legal. However, this lawyer adds that “if the […]

Coercive lease: Proportionality is a key factor in doubts about constitutionality

“Despite being seen as a fundamental guarantee, the right to property carries with it responsibilities, including “the possibility of expropriation or restriction of the right to property in order to fulfil relevant public interests, in which case the owner is entitled to fair compensation”, José Luís Moreira da Silva begins by pointing out. For this constitutionalist and […]

Innovative Societies: Innovation Day continues in a year marked by uncertainty

“To achieve innovation one must first accept as challenges: the constant and progressive investment in technology; the hypothesis of more consolidation in the sector; the challenge of multidisciplinary firms; the lack of clear regulations for the practice of digital law; the need for a strong and active presence in the press and social networks; the […]

Infrastructure. The first hurdle ‘on the ladder’ to true inclusion

«Infrastructures that, even today, are an obstacle to the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor world. Today, February 1st, new quotas for people with disabilities in companies come into force. A staircase almost knocked Carla Neves Matias‘ professional destiny to the ground: law. “That ramp that is now at the Law School was me […]

The former Deputy Prime Minister who opens Doors

There was an idea that the non-executive did not have much responsibility, just as people accepted positions as members of supervisory boards without knowing it. fiscal and solidarity with the resolutions taken by boards of directors. It obliges them to be cautious… Read more

New law “may call into question the immunities of lawyers?

Professional Orders. Constitutionalists and Orders agree with Marcelo’s decision (with José Luís Moreira da Silva) Jose Luis Moreira da Silva, president of the Association of Law Firms in Portugal (ASAP) and partner of SRS Legal, welcomes the decision of the Head of State and admits that this new law “may call into question the immunities of […]

Ozempic medicine supply problem (in Portuguese)

Problema de abastecimento do medicamento Ozempic leva a que INFARMED desencadeia ações para colmatar falhas O INFARMED, na circular informativa nº 126/CD/100.20.200 de 25/10/2022 vem dar conhecimento que, devido a um aumento significativo da procura e em face à falta de resposta do fabricante com as quantidades necessárias para satisfazer a procura, o medicamento Ozempic […]

Lease Agreement Law no. 19/2022

Published on 21 October, Law no. 19/2022, that, to contain the impact of the existing inflation as a consequence of the existing context: (i) establishes the annual rent update coefficient for the several types of urban and rural lease agreements for the year of 2023; and (ii) creates an extraordinary support to the lease agreements. […]

Foreigners in National Territory

AMENDMENTS TO THE LEGAL REGIME OF ENTRY, STAY, EXIT AND REMOVAL OF FOREIGN NATIONALS FROM THE NATIONAL TERRITORY Law no. 18/2022, of August 25 (which entered into force on August 26, 2022) introduced the following amendments to the Legal Regime of Entry, Stay, Exit and Removal of Foreign Nationals from the National Territory (Law no. […]

Construction diploma that updates the values of the license class

Ordinance No. 212/2022, of August 23, was published, a diploma that updates the values of the license classes. Object According to Law No. 41/2015 of June 3, (Legal regime applicable to the exercise of the construction activity), the qualifications in the various categories and subcategories contained in the permits of the construction companies are assigned […]

Employment Law podcast, part 2

The second episode of Travers Smith’s Employment Law podcast with Maria de Lancastre Valente is now available NEWS  JULY 29, 2022 The second episode Travers Smith’s international employment law podcast series focusing on Portugal has just been released. In this episode, Partner Sian Keall and Senior Counsel Ailie Murray continue the conversation with Employment Partner, […]

International employment law, part 1

Maria de Lancastre Valente participated in Travers Smith’s podcast on international employment law Maria de Lancastre Valente, Partner at SRS Advogados, participated in the first of a series of three episodes of Travers Smith Employment and Bussines Immigrstion international employment law podcast. At Travers’ Smith invitation, Maria Lancastre Valente spoke with Sian Keall, Partner, and […]

REPOWER EU initiative in the UNIO

Nuno Calaim Lourenço and Maria Barros Silva wrote an academic article on the REPOWER EU initiative in the UNIO – EU LAW Journal Nuno Calaim Lourenço, Associate Manager at SRS Advogados and Maria Barros Silva, Associate at SRS Advogados, are co-authors of an academic article in UNIO – EU LAW Journal, published by the Universidade […]

“Real Estate: The new investment trends”.

Neuza Pereira de Campos, Partner at SRS Advogados, spoke at the Advocatus Summit, with the topic: “Real Estate: the new investment trends”. The other speakers were Leonardo Peres, Managing Director of M7 Real Estate and Nuno Nunes, Senior Director of CBRE. Read more

National Anti-Corruption Mechanism (“MENAC”)

On December 9th 2021, the Decree-Law No. 109-E/2021 was published, whose effects will only be reflected in the Portuguese legal system from its entry into force – June 9th 2022. This Law, which creates the National Anti-Corruption Mechanism (“MENAC”) and approves the General Regime for the Prevention of Corruption (“RGPC”), aims to act in advance: […]

Withholding Tax on Dividends Paid to Non-Resident Collective Investment Undertakings

PORTUGAL IN BREACH OF THE FREE MOVEMENT OF CAPITAL PROVIDED FOR IN THE TREATY ON THE FUNCTIONING OF THE EUROPEAN UNION The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled, in the case AllianzGI-Fonds AEVN (C-545/19), following a request for preliminary ruling from the Tax Arbitration Court in Portugal, that article 22 of the Tax Benefits Statute […]

Press Releases

Advises BP on joint venture with Iberdrola

SRS Legal has advised BP on the Portuguese legal aspects of its entry into a joint venture with Iberdrola. The joint venture is being established with a view to the parties investing approximately €1 billion in electric charging infrastructure across Portugal and Spain. It is expected to deploy 11,700 fast-charge points by the end of […]

27 Apr 2023
Once again Tier 1 in the practice areas of Employment and EU & Competition

SRS Legal is once again Tier 1 in the practice areas of Employment and EU & Competition, by The Legal 500 EMEA. Also published were the individual rankings for 2023, in which SRS also has several inclusions. César Sá Esteves (Employment), Gonçalo Anastácio (EU & Competition) and Octávio Castelo Paulo (TMT) were highlighted in the Hall of Fame (the highest […]

27 Apr 2023
Distinguished with three awards

SRS Legal distinguished with three awards at Leaders League Iberia Summit & Awards Best law firm Employment, Best law firm Technology and Best law firm Diversity & Inclusion. These were the awards with which SRS Legal was recognised at the Leaders League Iberia Summit & Awards, on 12 April 2023.

27 Apr 2023
Advises on the Sale of Gresart to Gres Panaria

SRS Legal has advised the shareholders of Gresart – Cerâmica Industrial on the sale of 100% of the share capital to Gres Panaria Portugal. The SRS Legal team was led by Partner Gustavo Ordonhas Oliveira and Senior Associate Miguel Pereira Bonifácio. This acquisition is part of the growth strategy of the Italian multinational Panariagroup Industrie […]

27 Apr 2023
Ana Luísa Beirão and Raquel Cuba Martins promoted to SRS Legal Equity Partners

On the 17th of March a General Meeting of SRS Legal took place in order to assess and approve the applications of the Industrial Partners Ana Luísa Beirão and Raquel Cuba Martins to become Equity Partners. This assessment resulted in the approval of two new Equity Partners. SRS Legal continues to strengthen its focus and […]

27 Apr 2023

SRS Legal has advised Iberis Capital as management company of Portugal Yield Fund II on the purchase to a real estate fund (Iberia FEIIF) managed by Norfin of a building on the Lispólis Technological Park, in Lisbon. Located at Rua Laura Ayres, 4, in Carnide, Lisbon, the building has around 2,865 square metres of ABC, […]

03 Apr 2023
SRS Legal nominated in two categories for the Europe Awards 2023

SRS Legal was shortlisted in two categories for the IFLR Europe Awards 2023: Portugal Law Firm of the Year and Private Equity Deal of the Year. These awards celebrate legal innovation in cross-border transactions that reached financial close during the 2022 calendar year. The winners will be announced live at the awards gala, which will take […]

03 Apr 2023
SRS Legal advises Iberis Capital on the purchase of a Lispólis building to Norfin

SRS Legal has advised Iberis Capital as management company of Portugal Yield Fund II on the purchase to a real estate fund (Iberia FEIIF) managed by Norfin of a building on the Lispólis Technological Park, in Lisbon. Located at Rua Laura Ayres, 4, in Carnide, Lisbon, the building has around 2,865 square metres of ABC, […]

03 Apr 2023
Sara Estima Martins is one of the 50 most inspiring women in the legal sector

According to data collected by Iberian Lawyer, Sara Estima Martins is one of the 50 most inspiring women in the legal sector. Currently in its seventh edition, InspiraLaw Inclusion & Diversity 2023 reveals the 50 most inspiring in-house and private practice professionals in Portugal and Spain. The criteria for nominating and awarding this distinction is to evaluate professionals […]

03 Apr 2023
SRS Legal Advises BP on Joint Venture with Iberdrola

SRS Legal has advised BP on the Portuguese legal aspects of its entry into a joint venture with Iberdrola. The joint venture is being established with a view to the parties investing approximately €1 billion in electric charging infrastructure across Portugal and Spain. It is expected to deploy 11,700 fast-charge points by the end of […]

03 Apr 2023
Maria De Lancastre Valente is the New Director of People at SRS Legal

With 21 years of experience in the SRS Labour Department, the Partner joins the SRS management team as a new Director Maria de Lancastre Valente has been appointed to lead SRS Legal’s new People and Culture department, which replaces the firm’s Human Resources department. Partner in the Firm’s Employment Department with over 21 years’ experience […]

27 Feb 2023
SRS Legal: Sara Estima Martins among the Five Guide Star Women Competition Professionals in Iberia

Sara Estima Martins has been voted one of the five Guide Star Women in Iberia by the [email protected], in the Private Practice category. The Partner from SRS Legal’s European Union & Competition Department was described by her peers and colleagues as a “trailblazer who has reached a lead role and/or has otherwise inspired them with professional achievements and […]

27 Feb 2023
SRS Legal Advises on the Establishment of ‘The Agency’ in Portugal

SRS Legal has advised on the establishment of The Agency in Portugal. The Agency is a leading North American real estate company headquartered in Los Angeles, but with a growing international network. The brand will open four franchise offices in Portugal – Lisbon, Cascais, Porto, and Algarve – and already employs 30 staff members Portugal. […]

27 Feb 2023
SRS Legal: Advised Silicolife on Securing 9.8M Euro Investment

SRS Legal advised Silicolife on obtaining a Series A investment round, subscribed by the Portuguese fund Bluecrow, in the amount of 9.8 million euros. The SRS Legal team involved in this process included Paulo Bandeira (Partner) and Solange Fernandes (Associate). SilicoLife is a startup based in Braga with research labs on the campus of the […]

03 Jan 2023
SRS Legal: Advised The Coca-Cola Company on the acquisition of certain trademarks from the Refriango Group in Angola

SRS Legal advised The Coca-Cola Company on the acquisition, from the Refriango Group (one of the leading players in the beverages market in Angola), of certain trademarks and other intangible assets required for the production and sale of a vast portfolio of non-alcoholic beverages in Angola. The legal advice, provided in the field of competition […]

03 Jan 2023
SRS Legal advises private equity firm Gyrus Capital on the purchase of technology group KSR

“SRS Legal advised Gyrus Capital, one of the leading Swiss Private Equity fund managers, in the acquisition of the KSR Group (including the Portuguese subsidiary KSR) and the Xcability Group (including the Portuguese subsidiary Xcability).” “The office led by Pedro Rebelo de Sousa also provided legal advice on the negotiation of various agreements and transaction documents, such […]

29 Nov 2022
SRS Legal advised Gyrus Capital on the acquisition of KSR Group and Xcability Group

SRS LEGAL ASSESSORA GYRUS CAPITAL IN THE ACQUISITION OF KSR GROUP SRS Legal advised Gyrus Capital, one of the leading Swiss private equity fund managers, on the acquisition of KSR Group (including Portuguese subsidiary KSR S.A.) and Xcability Group (including Portuguese subsidiary Xcability S.A.). KSR and Xcability are international leaders in IT services and consulting […]

28 Nov 2022
SRS Celebrates 30 Years with Rebranding

On 12 October, the event to celebrate the 30th anniversary of SRS took place at Convento do Beato, in Lisbon. In addition to marking the “round date”, the event also included a first-hand presentation to the public of the elements that mark the rebranding of the firm, transforming it into SRS Legal, under the motto About […]

07 Nov 2022
SRS Advogados starts a new trainee programme

A new trainee programme at SRS Advogados begins today. Our trainees will work in specific departments at SRS Advogados, where they will specialise and create synergies. The objectives of this internship include the complementation of academic learning with the knowledge acquired in day-to-day practice; familiarisation with working in a professional environment, individually, in a team […]

03 Oct 2022
SRS Advogados hires Milène Zorrón as Head of Compliance and Head of German Desk

SRS Advogados has just hired Milène Zorrón to strengthen its Compliance area, as well as to take responsibility for the firm’s German Desk, as Managing Associate. She will also take on the role of Lead Analytical Analyst. Milène Zorrón was previously with Deutsche Bank in Berlin as Assistant Vice President, as well as Team Head for Anti-Financial Crime, […]

01 Sep 2022
SRS Advogados appoints new Board of Directors, Advisory Committee and promotes two equity partners

On 15 July in its General Assembly, SRS Advogados elected the new Board of Directors for the 2022-2024 mandate, chaired by Pedro Rebelo de Sousa and comprising Partners Alexandre Roque, César Sá Esteves, Gonçalo Anastácio, José Jácome, José Luís Moreira da Silva, Maria José Tavares, Octávio Castelo Paulo and the Managing Director Paula Ferreira Borges. […]

01 Sep 2022
SRS Advogados Advised Fidelidade’s Acquisition of Yotel Porto

SRS Advogados has advised Fidelidade – Sociedade Gestora de Organismos de Investimento Coletivo, S.A. in its recent acquisition of Yotel, a hotel in Porto, Portugal. The operation was done through the Real Estate Fund IMOFID, held by Fidelidade (49%) and other major Portuguese corporate investors. The total amount of the deal was of 28.267.731,94 euros. […]

25 Jul 2022
SRS Advogados: André Alfar Rodrigues launches and presides over Ex Libris

André Alfar Rodrigues, lawyer at SRS Advogados, has just launched Ex Libris – an electronic legal magazine. The publication, in which André Alfar Rodrigues acts as President of the Executive Board and Scientific Advisor, will be freely accessible on a quarterly basis as part of the global open source movement. It opts for the use […]

28 Jun 2022
SRS Advogados: Promotes 12 Lawyers

MAY 31, 2022 SRS Advogados promoted 12 of its lawyers as part of the firm’s commitment to younger generations. Marco Garrinhas (Corporate & Finance) and Pedro Pinto Melo (Dispute Resolution) were promoted to Managing Associate. Ana Margarida Henriques (Employment), João Filipe Graça (Public), José Pinto Santos (Real Estate), Rita Yen (Corporate & Finance), Solange Fernandes […]

01 Jun 2022
SRS Advogados Welcomes New Ukrainian Corporate & Finance Lawyer

Ukranian Lawyer, Galina Bastieieva, recently joined SRS Advogados as a Foreign Lawyer in the Corporate & Finance Department to assist, inter alia, with advice to Ukranian companies and individual clients. Galina Bastieieva has a Bachelor of Law from the Donetsk Institute of Management and a Master of Law from the Kyiv University of Law. She […]

04 May 2022
SRS Advogados: Carla Neves Matias recognised as “TOP 50 Women in the Iberian Legal Sector”

Carla Neves Matias recognised as “TOP 50 Women in the Iberian Legal Sector” Partner at SRS Advogados Carla Neves Matias was recognised as one of the TOP 50 Women in the Iberian Legal Sector (InspiraLAw’s – Diversity & Inclusion) by Iberian Lawyer. In the private practice sphere, Carla Neves Matias is the lawyer that has […]

03 May 2022
SRS Advogados: Clikalia Opens Its Doors in Portugal

A team from SRS Advogados led by Partner William Smithson has advised Clikalia on their entry into the Portuguese market. As William Smithson explains, “SRS is a leader in advising venture capital/startups and it is exciting to work alongside dynamic companies like Clikalia and help them start up and develop activities in Portugal”. Founded in […]

03 May 2022
SRS Advogados has Advised Basinnov in its Recent Investment in Targtex

SRS Advogados has assisted Basinnov (Laboratórios Basi – FHC group) in its recent €2M investment in Targtex. Targtex is a start-up company that develops a new local therapy for the treatment of Glioblastoma (GBM), brain cancer. SRS Advogados team was led by Paulo Bandeira (Partner – Startups & Venture Capital), Ana Menéres (Partner, Life Sciences) […]

28 Feb 2022
SRS Advogados is assisting the private shareholders of Vidraria Mortágua in its M&A transaction with Oxy Capital

SRS Advogados is assisting the private shareholders of Vidraria Mortágua in its M&A transaction with Oxy Capital. The transaction is ongoing, and the value is confidential. SRS Advogados team is led by Paulo Bandeira (Partner).

29 Dec 2021
Portugal: SRS Advogados Advises on Sale of Luxclusif to Farfetch

SRS Advogados advised the shareholders of Luxclusif on the sale to Farfetch. The team at SRS Advogados which advised the shareholders of Luxclusif was led by Gustavo Ordonhas Oliveira (Partner, Private Equity & Venture Capital) and included Solange Fernandes (Associate) and Mariana Azevedo Mendes (Associate). Luxclusif is a technology company founded in 2013 which provides […]

29 Dec 2021

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