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Firm Overview:

FALM, Ferreira de Almeida, Luciano Marcos E Associados, Sociedade de Advogados, R.L., is a civil Law Firm, founded in late 2006, as a partnership between two shareholders, José Mário Ferreira de Almeida and Luciano Marcos, who were joined by two further partners, Paulo Dias Neves and António André Martins.

The result of the experience of its partners and associates: experience made in the various domains of law, from legal consultancy and law teaching, with special dedication to the different fields of Public Law. Active in most fields of law, with a special focus in the different areas of Corporate Law and Administrative Law, with the partners ‘experience in the areas of Public Procurement, Energy Law and Natural Resources, Environmental Law, Land Planning and Litigation, related to such areas.

Specialized areas of practice:

Real Estate and Construction
Public-private partnerships
Energy and Natural Resources
Public Administration
Commercial Complexes
Buildings of great public dimension
Food and Beverages

Specially equipped and focused to monitoring and legal advice that, preventive or correctively, requires the conciliation of issues related to such areas of legal knowledge.

The changes of economic and social relations are fast. Therefore, we strive to remain updated, both in legal information as in methodologies and technologies serving the Law, in order to promptly reply, competently, responsibly and effectively to the issues for which the resolution was entrusted by our clients.

We also provides pro bono services to institutions whose social action is considered meritorious.

Key Contacts

José Mário Ferreira de Almeida

Luciano Marcos

Paulo Dias Neves

António André Martins

João Miranda

Sandra Guerreiro

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Band 3


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