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Glimstedt combines years of experience with new energy.

Our understanding of the power of collaboration is what makes us who we are. We know that it is the strength of our differences that propels a career forward and keeps it dynamic in the long term. Our clients get to know us through agreements, disputes and real estate transactions, and we approach them with the same sincerity and dedication throughout – regardless of scope and complexity. We remain calm in the face of adversity. Where there is a great opportunity, we act with assurance and confidence.

Glimstedt law firm is a full-service firm focused on commercial law. Most of our clients are large and medium-sized Swedish and international companies. We have 14 offices in Sweden and three in the Baltic States.

What we stand for

Glimstedt clients can expect the best lawyers. Our advice is focused and to the point. The solutions we provide are based on solid business insight, helping our clients to reach their respective goals.

Our keywords are:

  • Legal expertise
  • Business insight
  • Commitment

We want you to feel that you can trust our advice, that we are fully committed and that we contribute something more than a mere interpretation of regulations and paragraphs. At Glimstedt we do everything we can for our clients. That is our pledge.

Our expertise:

Key Contacts

Managing Partner, Co-owner, lawyer

Anders Wennergren
+ 46 31 710 40 35

Firm Rankings

Real Estate
Band 3


Lawyer Rankings


How do you Protect your Business in the Event of a Dispute?

Many companies are aware of the importance of a thorough and tailored written agreement in various types of business agreements. It is also important to continuously secure their rights, e.g. as regards contractual compliance in the supply of a service or good, unlawful competition or infringement of a trade secret. To be strong in negotiation and dispute, your […]

29 Apr 2021
Patent or Trade Secret?

Introduction In today’s digitalized society, information is a value-creating resource for many companies. Knowledge and information are used extensively in order to develop products, both physical and digital, and to be able to offer new innovative services and solutions. Information is also used to build internal strategies and create competitive advantages over competitors. What many people may not […]

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29 Apr 2021

Press Releases

Sweden – Glimstedt is refining its operations

The offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg will soon continue to operate under the new brands Born Advokater (Stockholm) and Norma Advokater (Gothenburg). The law firm Glimstedt continues to offer business law excellence from 12 offices throughout Sweden. The Gothenburg office will continue to prioritize business law based on its five specialist areas: corporate commercial, real estate, […]

21 Dec 2021
Sweden – Glimstedt supports Musikhjälpen…

Glimstedt supports Musikhjälpen – For a world without child labor We want to contribute to children’s development and future. Together, we challenge our offices, colleagues, clients, acquaintances and others to donate a penny, small and large. Between 13 and 19 December, Brita Zackari, Oscar Zia and Anis Don Demina will broadcast live from Musikhjälpen’s house on […]

21 Dec 2021

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