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RENTSCH PARTNER is a leading Swiss attorney at law and patent attorney firm, we advise and represent clients in all aspects of intellectual property law – transactions, proceedings and complex cases both in a domestic and a global context.

We offer our clients comprehensive legal and technical advice, support them in the creation and implementation of their IP-strategy, implementing the patent box, and represent them before public authorities and in court. It is important to us to identify legally and technically sustainable solutions to complex legal issues and to keep in mind our clients’ commercial goals.

One focus of our activities is to advise Swiss companies and SMEs that want to protect and enforce their intellectual property rights and innovations worldwide at reasonable cost. Accordingly, we guarantee professional and industry knowledge as well as a good price-performance ratio.

Expertise, entrepreneurial thinking and binding values are important to us, both within our firm as well as towards our clients.

The team of our patent attorney and law firm comprises a specialized team of attorneys at law and patent attorneys, and a number of administrative assistants.

Already at the foundation of our firm one of our goals was to override the traditional, in Switzerland widely-used, separation between on the one hand the fields of the registration and administration of industrial property rights and on the other hand the judicial enforcement of such industrial property rights: Patent attorneys and technology experts work together in a team with attorneys at law and trademark attorneys.

The unique close factual and local collaboration of lawyers and engineers, whose expertise especially covers areas such as mechanical engineering, computer science, chemistry, biotechnology, materials science and electrical engineering, is unique for Switzerland and allow for the providing of comprehensive advice to our clients and for the giving of interdisciplinary advice on complex legal and technical issues. Apart from representing clients in court, registering industrial property rights (especially trademarks, patents, designs) as well as giving general legal advice (distribution, publishing and software agreements, franchising, licensing etc.) we counsel on application strategies, furnish legal opinions or prepare legal and technical analysis for our clients.

In more than 120 countries worldwide we closely collaborate with other law firms also specialized in the areas of the legal protection of intellectual property, industrial property and copyright. We are therefore fully capable to represent the interests of our clients abroad. Thus interdisciplinary exchange and integral judgement of factual issues regarding intellectual property may be placed ideally into the service of the client.



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Gregor Wild

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“Challenges and Opportunities in Licensing Biotech-Research Tools”

by Alfred Köpf, Christian Ebner and Moritz Hönig In the newly published issue 4/21 of the legal journal “Life Science Recht”, an article by Alfred Köpf, Christian Ebner and Moritz Hönig on “Challenges and Opportunities in Licensing Biotech-Research Tools”. To read the article, please click here (for non-subscribers there is a charge). Subscribe to the news feed

22 Dec 2021
Interview with Andrea Carreira, Christian Hilti and Demian Stauber in “IAM Global Patent Litigation 2022”

The London-based journal IAM has published an interview with  Andrea Carreira, Christian Hilti and Demian Stauber about patent prosecution in Switzerland. The interview was published in “IAM Global Patent Litigation Guide 2022” and can be downloaded here. This article first appeared in Global Patent Litigation Guide: Helping businesses navigate the new normal 2022, a supplement to IAM, published by Law Business Research – IP […]

29 Oct 2021
Local backups or cloud storage

Many companies are currently moving their business data to the cloud. A cloud provider takes over the entire storage of the data. Large cloud providers usually guarantee a high level of data security. Nevertheless, the question regularly arises whether the creation of backups should be left entirely to the cloud provider or whether the company should create local […]

05 Oct 2021
What Startups and Investors Should Know About Patents

In this interview, patent attorney Axel Remde explains what potential buyers are looking for when it comes to the protection of technical inventions, where the pitfalls in a patent application lie and how to structure the application process to be as efficient as possible. Many startups do a so-called Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis to […]

31 Aug 2021
Swiss and European Patent and Patent Litigation Law

The 4th edition of the textbook on Swiss and European patent law and patent litigation has been published. Christian Hilti, Alfred Köpf, Demian Stauber and Andrea Carreira have updated the book. On 1 January 2012, the Swiss Federal Patent Court took up its work. Since then, Swiss patent case law has reached a level that […]

04 May 2021

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