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Why Bergstein?
Because of the seniority of the team, its hard work, and its high ethical standards strongly identified with Jewish values. Personal attention is Bergstein’s trademark: the professional who participates in the first interview, is the same who conducts the work until the end of the assignment. Established in 1957, Bergstein emphasises quality rather than quantity. Its structure is large enough to provide clients with sophisticated legal advice, yet flexible enough to focus personal attention on each client’s specific needs. The firm takes pride in its responsiveness and its understanding of the clients’ needs for concise and right to the point advice. That probably explains the high number of international firms which partner with Bergstein to cover their legal support in Uruguay. Independent publications consistently rank Bergstein among the top firms in the country, highlighting its ‘quality service, absolutely in line with international standards’, its ‘fast-delivery times’ and its ‘impeccable integrity’.

Chairman: Jonás Bergstein
Managing Partner: Jonás Bergstein
Number of partners: 4
Number of lawyers: 21

The People:
Bergstein’s most important asset is the people it has, a perfect match of senior lawyers and a younger generation, who make up the firm and are taking the lead. The firm heavily invests in professional development; most of the firm’s lawyers have completed international studies abroad and have been trained at some of the most prominent international law firms in the US and Europe. All of them are bilingual and culturally attuned to the firm’s clients’ business environments.

Fully aligned with the most recent technological advances, Bergstein keeps loyal to the philosophy of its founding generation. Bergstein’s strength lies in the depth of its roots. The firm’s work would be meaningless without the strong Jewish ethical underpinnings which sustain the firm. Social Responsibility: Bergstein provides pro bono assistance to Beit Jabad Uruguay, the Holocaust Museum, the Simon Wiesenthal Library, Tzedaká foundation and Helper, among others. In Covid-19 times, Bergstein is sponsoring a solidarity program under which food, clothes and books are provided to groups especially impacted by the pandemic.

Accounting & Payroll:
Bergstein also includes an accounting and outsourcing department and a payroll division which maintain the accounting records of all sorts of business ventures and works side by side with the legal department of the firm, in an effort to provide foreign clients and colleagues with a ‘one-stop’ solution.

Main Areas of Practice:
■ Corporate & M&A
■ Energy
■ Healthcare & Life Sciences
■ Intellectual Property
■ Immigration
■ Infrastructure
■ Labour & Employment
■ Litigation & Dispute Resolution
■ Real Estate & Agribusiness
■ Taxation

Languages: English, French, Hebrew, German, Portuguese, Spanish.

The clientele is diversified, to include both national and foreign companies, one-man ventures, international credit organisations and top Fortune 500 companies. Bergstein has been a key player in the legal market and the firm is honoured to say that it has been involved in most of the largest projects Uruguay has seen over the past two decades.

Key Contacts

Managing Partner: 

Jonás Bergstein

Firm Rankings

Total IP Rank
Band 3


Administrative & Public Law
Band 1

Banking & Finance
Band 3


Band 3


Dispute Resolution
Band 2


Band 3


Labour & Employment
Band 3


Band 1

Private Wealth Law
Band 1

Band 1



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Construction of Penitentiary Facilities

Uruguay – Business Opportunity International Bid –  Construction of Penitentiary Facilities The Uruguayan government has called for an international public bid for the construction of penitentiary facilities (prison) in the city of Libertad, Department of San José. The project is to be conducted under a public-private participation format (participación público-privada). The scope of the bid […]

Sustainable Bond Framework

The Uruguayan Administration has recently published the new Reference Framework for Uruguay’s potential issuance of Bonds Indexed to Climate Change Indicators (BIICC). This Framework aligns with the five main components of ICMA’s Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles 2020. The Framework for BIICC issuance is the keystone for Uruguay’s access to the sustainable sovereign financing market, seeking to […]

¿Puede un Ente Público Someterse a Arbitraje?

¿Puede un Ente Público Someterse a Arbitraje? Por supuesto que sí, y de hecho ya ha ocurrido. Así lo avala la sentencia que hoy nos convoca. Una empresa pública (“el Ente Público”) estuvo durante años vinculada contractualmente con una empresa privada mediante contratos de distribución de renovación automática. Al cabo de décadas de relación comercial, […]

Sustainable Bond Framework

The Uruguayan Administration has recently published the new Reference Framework for Uruguay’s potential issuance of Bonds Indexed to Climate Change Indicators (BIICC). This Framework aligns with the five main components of ICMA’s Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles 2020. The Framework for BIICC issuance is the keystone for Uruguay’s access to the sustainable sovereign financing market, seeking to […]

If You Want It, It Will Not Be A Legend:The First “Digital SAS”

The memory reader may remember it. In September 2019, the Entrepreneurship Law (Law No. 19,820, “the Law”) created the so-called simplified stock company, usually known by its acronym: “SAS”. The objective was very clear: to make available to entrepreneurs an agile, flexible vehicle, with a lower burden of procedures and bureaucracy and, therefore, with a lower cost. […]

Accounting Tax Report No. 46

Below follows the summary of the topics analyzed: • Commented regulations: (i) Modifications to the taxation of passive income from abroad (ii) Reduction of VAT for beneficiaries of Family Allowance Equity Plan (iii) Adjustments to the withholdings of investment fund managers • Commented jurisprudence: (i) Tax residence in Uruguay: court limits the possibility of obtaining […]

Nuevos Beneficios por la Contratacion de Personas de Mediana Edad

En el pasado, desde este mismo Newsletter hemos tenido ocasión de comentar los beneficios -a nivel de cargas o aportes sociales- que una ley del año pasado estableciera para incentivar el acceso al mercado laboral. Esos beneficios apuntaron, en una primera instancia, a jóvenes entre 15 y 29 años, a mayores de 45 años, y […]

“Dígame Licenciado” – Reconocimiento y Reválida de Títulos Profesionales del Extranjero

Hasta hace algunos días, la homologación y convalidación de títulos terciarios y/o universitarios del exterior era competencia de la Universidad de la República. A partir de la ratificación -por parte del Estado uruguayo- del Convenio de reconocimiento de estudios, títulos y diplomas de Educación Superior de América Latina y el Caribe, el pasado mes de Junio los procedimientos de reconocimiento y reválida de títulos del extranjero han […]

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Ocasionalmente, desde este mismo Newsletter hemos tenido oportunidad de ocuparnos del tema del título.  Si bien el Código Tributario contempla la fuerza mayor entre las circunstancias que impiden hacer valer la responsabilidad del contribuyente, en la práctica han sido pocos los casos en que el Tribunal de lo Contencioso Administrativo (“el TCA”) ha acogido el […]

Patente de Rodados: El Adquirente de un Vehículo,

¿Es Responsable por la Deuda de Patente de su Vendedor? Patente de Rodados: El Adquirente de un Vehículo, ¿Es Responsable por la Deuda de Patente de su Vendedor? Como tantas otras veces, la respuesta es un lacónico “depende”. ¿Depende de qué? Depende de las normas del departamento de que se trate, según se verá seguidamente. […]

¿El Que Avisa no Traiciona?

La Publicidad Engañosa: Entre la Vaguedad, la Transparencia y la Escrupulosidad Vivimos en la era donde el marketing lo es casi todo. Si a eso sumamos el caudal inabarcable de información que recibimos, se comprende sin esfuerzo la importancia decisiva que cobran las normas de protección al consumidor. De ahí que nuestra ley de relaciones […]

“An Apple A Day Keeps Doctors Away” – Productos Orgánicos – Certificación de Calidad

Es conocido el impacto de una buena alimentación en nuestra vida.  De hecho han proliferado las tiendas que ofrecen productos orgánicos, naturales y saludables, y que compiten por un espacio en nuestra “nueva” dieta. El Poder Ejecutivo no ha sido ajeno a esa tendencia. Días pasados publicó un decreto (“el Decreto”) que contempla la certificación […]

May I Publicly Defame My Employer?

May I Publicly Defame My Employer? — “He Fired My Co-workers For Joining The Union” The matter was addressed in a recent ruling issued by a Uruguayan Court (the “Court”). The ruling discussed the case of an employee who, after termination of his employment relationship, posted on Facebook certain phrases in reference to his former […]

Conduciendo a Miss Daisy: Importación de Vehículos Libre de Impuestos

En abril de 2021, el Poder Ejecutivo reglamentó la ley que autorizó el ingreso de vehículos usados a Uruguay, exceptuado de todo tributo a la importación. Como se recordará, la reglamentación apuntaba a aquellos extranjeros que hubieran obtenido su residencia permanente en el país entre el 1 de enero de 2020 y el 31 de […]

A Free Trade Agreement with China?

A Free Trade Agreement with China?   On September 7, 2021, the Uruguayan government received a “formal proposal” from China to push forward the process to enter into a free trade agreement with such country. Further to the proposed time-table, an initial feasibility study would be conducted, to be followed by negotiations over the agreement draft. China is already […]

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