Four Recommendations to Reduce the Chances of a Cyberattack

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Here are some recommendations for multinational companies to follow which shall help reduce the risk of suffering cyberattacks.

yberattacks are constantly increasing in number and complexity; and this does not seem to change for 2022. This has led to many regulators to start working on introducing (or have introduced) new laws focused on both cybersecurity and data protection. However, many of these regulations (such as China’s or United Arab Emirates’) include data protection legislation with both, extra-territorial reach, and rigorous requirements regarding security measures to
safeguard personal data.

These represents a challenge, especially for multinational companies, where trying to comply with several regulations while continuing to do business, has translated into fear of fines and reputational damage. Hence, many companies are now focusing on how to comply among different regulations while leaving room for innovation. A common approach has been to fulfill requirements for one major regulation, and then layer in the required capabilities for other regulations as needed. For example, complying with GDPR and then look to find a balance with local Latin American laws…

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