Identify the clinical conditions in the presence of which the worker has the right to access work in an agile mode

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Legislative  Decree 221 of 2022 , with  art. 17 paragraph 2 , has delegated to the  Ministry of Health, in agreement with the Ministers of Labor and Social Policies and for the Public Administration , the identification  “of chronic diseases with low clinical remuneration and with particular connotations of gravity, in the presence of which ,  until February 28, 2022 , the  work performance must normally be carried out , according to the rules defined in the collective agreements, where present,  in an agile way, also through the assignment to different duties included in the same category or area of ​​employment, as defined by the contracts in force, and specific professional training activities are carried out remotely “. 

Therefore, with  the Interministerial Decree of February 3, 2022 , for the purpose of identifying the pathologies referred to in art. 17 paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree 221 of 2022,  two specific cases have been identified : 

1 .-  workers with a condition of fragility independent of the vaccination status; 

2.- workers with  a condition of fragility in the presence of exemption from vaccination for health reasons and at least one of the conditions identified by the decree .


In the first group of fragile workers are included, pursuant to the ministerial decree: 

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