In Florida and Elsewhere, Thank Smart Politics for a Thriving Construction Sector

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In an article published on July 17, 2023, in City & State Florida, partner Robert Alfert discusses recent, significant legislative initiatives in the construction sector, focusing primarily on the overwhelming need for affordable housing, federal and state infrastructure funding, manufacturing and ‘Buy America’ requirements, and Florida’s shortened period of repose for construction claims.

“While division and political posturing has become the norm, so too has a need for the construction market to continue to grow and prosper,” says Alfert. “Thanks to some of the recent political decisions and actions, we are seeing a resurgence and continued trend upward in various sectors of the construction industry.” These are remarkable trends given the volatility in the construction market these last several years, following in the wake of COVID-19, with shipping irregularities and material availability issues, followed by rampant inflation and increases in capital finance rates.

To read the full article, click here.

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