Martha Lorena Icaza

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Martha is a partner and executive director at Consortium Legal – Nicaragua, with 44 years of experience in the agroindustry, banking and financial services, real estate, energy, government and public companies, infrastructure, insurance, transportation and tourism sectors.  She has extensive experience in banking, corporate law, foreign investment, regulated sector, insurance, and reinsurance. She has received multiple accolades and recognitions, from the likes of Ram Power Corp. and Blue Power & Energy, for her excellent advice and quality of services, in the structuring and documentation of financing for the development of their projects.

During her career, she held positions in the public administration as Civil Prosecutor, General  Secretary  of the Nicaraguan Ministry of Justice, General Director of Public Registers and State Notary, Director of Legislative Advice of the Presidency of the Republic attached to the Ministry of Justice, as well as external legal advisor to the Ministries of Economy and Tourism.

She has been external legal advisor to national banks and is part of the Boards of Directors of companies related to the aquaculture sector and the meat industry.

Martha Lorena actively contributes to the World Bank publication, Doing Business, a series of annual reports that measure the regulations that favor or restrict the business activity. Her contributions have been essential to ensure the quality and accuracy of Doing Business’ information every year.


  • Legal advice to local and international banks for the execution of multi-million dollar financing projects and from different industries, which consists of the review of documentation and legal opinions, review of guarantees, advice on credit line issues for working capital to companies in the construction and energy industry, which mean a wide range of works carried out in the national and international territory.


  • Law Degree, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua UNAN, Nicaragua (1974)




Member of COLADE

Member of World Services Group (WSG)

Member of Who’s Who Legal


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