Riccardo Villata

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Graduated in Law at the University of Milan in 1964 magna cum laude, he has been enrolled in the Milan Bar since 1966. Full Professor of Administrative Law since 1975.

President of the Association of scholars of the administrative process and Director of the journal “Administrative procedural law”, he is the author, as well as of numerous articles and smaller essays, among which the collection entitled “Current problems of administrative jurisdiction” of the 2009, as well as the part dedicated to the Administrative Provision of a widespread university manual (published by Monduzzi), of four monographs, of which the last, which appeared in 1999 and now in its sixth edition, is specifically dedicated to public services and their current forms of management. He also edited the collective volume “Public contracts for works, services and supplies”, published in 2014 for the types of the Cedam of Padua,
More recently, “Writings of administrative justice” were published in 2017 and “Writings on matters of jurisdiction. Between ordinary judge and administrative judge “in 2019. Already participating in the drafting of bills also on the subject of local public services, he is a speaker at numerous conferences and masters, among which those dedicated in particular to administrative justice, to tender contracts public bodies, as well as project finance procedures. He was a member of the Commission in charge of preparing the text of the Delegated Decree for the Reform of the administrative process.

Alongside ordinary judicial activities, he is also President or Member of Arbitration Boards in disputes relating to issues in public matters, as well as consultant and advocate in proceedings under the competence of independent Authorities. He was Scientific Director of the “Center for Studies on Justice” established at the Faculty of Law of the University of Milan. In 2011 he received the Sorrentino Prize as “distinguished scholar of administrative law”.
He was appointed Professor Emeritus.



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