Anne Marie Due

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Managing Partner – Admitted to the Supreme Court

Anne Marie Due the managing partner at Hjort and a member of our employment law department.  She has extensive experience in this practice area.

Anne Marie is experienced within employment law, including the law for government employees, pensions, privacy, administrative law and litigation. Anne Marie assists clients in both the private and public sectors and has broad experience in the particular problems that are relevant for public sector entities.

Anne Marie assists clients both with legal advice and as legal counsel in connection with most issues in employment law, pensions, privacy and administrative law. Notably, she has conducted several cases before the Norwegian Supreme Court during the last few years concerning issues such as the limitations to the employer’s management prerogative when relocating or making changes in senior policy measures; the issue of whether the loss of contractual early retirement pension scheme (AFP) implies a right to vote in the transfer of a business, and whether employers are entitled to use information from waste disposal vehicles’ satellite navigation system to detect possible employment irregularities.

Anne Marie has also conducted a case before the Norwegian Supreme Court in a plenary session. The case addressed whether an instruction laid down by the government was in violation of the constitution. Furthermore, Anne Marie has conducted a number of cases before the district courts and courts of appeals on a range of labour law issues, including several cases concerning the future regulation of pension rights and responsibility for costs associated with these.

In addition, Anne Marie has had extensive advisory assignments, including offering ongoing advice in whistleblowing cases. The investigative assignments have included looking into whether the Working Environment Act’s requirement to a suitable working environment had been violated, various forms of harassment, privacy law breaches, and cases of violation of employees’ individual rights.

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