Infrastructure. The first hurdle ‘on the ladder’ to true inclusion

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«Infrastructures that, even today, are an obstacle to the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor world. Today, February 1st, new quotas for people with disabilities in companies come into force.

A staircase almost knocked Carla Neves Matias‘ professional destiny to the ground: law. “That ramp that is now at the Law School was me who annoyed everyone to the point of exhaustion, because it didn’t exist, either outside or inside,” she says. “I know some people who didn’t enroll in the course precisely because they had no way to get over the obstacles.” Without a ramp, his autonomy – he uses a wheelchair to get around – was severely compromised. “In the morning, and in the afternoon when I went out, it was a horrible time. I had to choose someone to ask to help me up the steps. And, many times, I wanted to leave, because I didn’t have to put myself through that,” recalls the now partner at SRS Legal. As of today, February 1st, the new law on hiring quotas for people with disabilities goes into effect…

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