Latest on dual-use export controls for research organisations

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The newsletter presents the latest developments in export control relevant to research organisations. It covers the EU Commission guidance on export control compliance for research organisations, Danish FDI rules on R&D joint ventures and recent legislation penalising violations of export controls on cyber-surveillance products.
  1. New Danish rules on cyber-surveillance items and technical assistance

On 10 December 2021, amendments to the Danish Act on Export Control (No 2305) entered into force. They implement changes set forth in the new EU Dual-Use Regulation No 2021/821.[1] For an overview of the new Dual-Use Regulation, please see our newsletter on the topic.

The amendments to the Danish Act on Export Control introduce, most notably, a new provision penalizing breaches of rules on export of cyber-surveillance products that may be used for human rights violations, and new rules on the provision of technical assistance.

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