Chilean government announces highway and train concessions

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Highway concession for USD 892M

The Chilean Ministry of Public Works (MOP) finalized the call for tenders for the second concession of Route 78 from Santiago to the port city of San Antonio, also known as Autopista del Sol.

The project includes an investment of USD 892 million and a maximum variable term of 30 years. It includes the construction of multiple works along the entire 112 km route, such as the addition of third lanes and connections to other main highways, as well as new bridges, walkways, acoustic screens and service streets, among other structures. The concessionaire that is awarded the work must operate and maintain the route.

The MOP projects that the remodeling will benefit a population close to 1,760,000 people per year.

The receipt of technical and economic proposals for this project is scheduled for July 29. This project is expected to be awarded during the fourth quarter of this year.

The terms of the concession are available on the MOP website here.


Public tender of train project

Chile’s national railway, Grupo EFE, announced three tenders for a passenger train that will run 61 kilometers from Alameda to Melipilla in the Santiago Metropolitan Region. The project includes an estimated investment of USD1.5 billion to build a passenger transport service that will benefit eight communes.

With 11 stations and connections to Metro lines 1 and 6, it is estimated that the new route will have an approximate demand of 50 million passengers per year in an area with more than 1.1 million inhabitants.

The construction process is expected to take place over a period of 5 years, and EFE hopes to put the new service into operation in 2025.

Tender 1: Construction of stations and platforms for Américo Vespucio, Tres Poniente, Ciudad Satellite and Melipilla.

Tender 2: Construction of the stage 1 confinement strip.

Tender 3: Construction of vehicular crossings for Lucas Pacheco and Anibal Pinto- Los Carrera

Sale of concession terms: March 1-17, 2021

Terms and other documents are available at:

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