Ethical distribution system for critical materials during states of emergency

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PRK Partners (“PRK”) were successful in a public call organized by the Czech Ministry of Interior focusing on crisis management and epidemiological threats. PRK obtained funding to design and develop a digital crisis distribution system, for acquiring, offering, selling and purchasing critically important materials in emergency situations (such as medical supplies during pandemics), using ethical principles and machine learning (AI). PRK proposed the project together with the Mathematical and Physics Faculty of Charles University in Prague, based on a concept they prepared together for the “EU vs. Virus” hackathon, which took place in the spring of this year.

PRK´s task will be to take care of the legal side of things in connection with the project, in particular protection of personal data, legal issues of cybersecurity, ethical and legal questions related to AI, a proposal for resolving user dissatisfaction with the operation of the distribution system and licensing of project outcomes.

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