IBERBRAND: Announces Expansion and New Office Opening

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MEXICO CITY, June 28th, 2022.  IBERBRAND, the most awarded legal IP firm in Mexico, keeps investing in the growth and development of its people and business and opens a new office in Mexico City, right next door to its previous headquarters, but twice the size.

The new workspace’s design further reflects the values and the culture of creativity and flexibility that the law firm prides itself with and manages to keep a well-balanced mix of traditional and modern design. The layout includes private individual offices and meeting rooms where more formal business can be conducted, as well as a modern open floor plan with flexible configuration that help foster collaboration between different areas and team members.

This architectural trend is not new but is certainly less common among law firms that in general maintain a more rigid and conventional arrangement, whereas businesses that depend on innovation and collaboration thrive on this kind of space configurations.

The new office almost doubled the number of workstations and individual offices, while maintaining enough space to practice social distancing.   It has two meeting rooms, a lounge area, and more restrooms than the previous one, yet still has plenty of room to accommodate new hires.  The expansion comes after and despite the pandemic, which forced many businesses to shift to a “work-from-home” system resulting in many companies reducing in size or even laying off part of their workforce, however IBERBRAND saw this as an opportunity to accelerate its growth and increase investment in both, office space and people.   “We were already open to adopt more flexible office hours and let our team members manage their time in a way they deemed more efficient, so the remote-work mode wasn’t totally new to us; not only did we accept it, but we fully embraced and encouraged it.  We’ve always trusted our people and it’s paid-off.  We have now twice as many collaborators than in 2020 and the new facilities allow us to combine in-office and remote work schedules in a hybrid work model” said Ana Vargas, Director of Litigation and founding partner.

“It probably isn’t the most obvious choice to commit to further investing during a period of uncertainty” said Gilberto Martínez Maldonado, co-founder and Director of Trademark and Copyright, then he added: “but we actually thought it was the smart thing to do, because at the end of the day, it’s exactly in times of crisis when innovation flourishes and our business is directly correlated with that”.

Diego G. Rossi, President and Founding Partner at IBERBRAND expressed: “This is only one of many steps that we’re taking to keep up with the new challenges of our business, we’re investing in this new office, which is a significant financial burden, but it’s only one aspect of what it takes to be always one step ahead.  It’s always been our vision to invest, first and foremost in our people, but we also need to continuously dedicate resources to our technical and technological development so at the same time we’re investing in bringing new talent and adopting new technologies, from CRM tools to A.I. solutions that will help us keep evolving and accelerate our digital transformation.”

IBERBRAND’s new office is located at Montes Urales 750-402, Lomas de Chapultepec, 11000, Mexico City and it officially opened earlier this month after an event hosted by the firm’s partners.


Learn more at https://www.iberbrand.com/


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