SRS Advogados: André Alfar Rodrigues launches and presides over Ex Libris

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André Alfar Rodrigues, lawyer at SRS Advogados, has just launched Ex Libris – an electronic legal magazine.

The publication, in which André Alfar Rodrigues acts as President of the Executive Board and Scientific Advisor, will be freely accessible on a quarterly basis as part of the global open source movement. It opts for the use of digital channels instead of paper print, fulfilling the European Union goal of bringing together digital transformation and sustainability. In this manner, it intends to take advantage of the potential offered by the Internet, both in terms of dissemination and access, and the possibility of carrying multimedia and related content

Ex Libris will seek to assert itself in the national and international scene, as a driving force of scientific research, where a different legal branch will be covered in each publication. It includes a vast panel of university professors, such as Prof. Menezes Cordeiro, Prof. Maria Luísa Duarte, Prof. Eduardo Vera-Cruz Pinto, Prof. Paulo de Tarso Domingues and Prof. Miguel de Sousa Ferro. Its team also includes professionals from several renowned law firms in Portugal.

“We intend to provide the community of young lawyers with a space for the diffusion of their scientific work and literary articles. There is no doubt about the number of articles, reports and theses of high quality and scientific rigor that have appeared in recent years, which have never had the opportunity to be disseminated among the academic and professional milieu. Our goal is to establish a respected launching pad for new authors, privileging themes that tend to be current and innovative. The Journal will be entirely digital and disseminated free of charge to the entire legal community.”

Those interested in accessing Ex Libris can do so here.

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