Significant Amendments in Consumer Legislation

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Law Amending the Consumer Protection Law and Condominium Ownership Law (Law) was published in the Official Gazette on 1 April 2022. With Law, significant changes were made to protect consumers. We have compiled some primary amendments below.

New obligations towards intermediary service providers active in e-commerce. With Law, various responsibilities have been brought to intermediary service providers related to distance contracts they mediate in favour of consumers. In this context, intermediary service providers shall be responsible;

• in cases where the deficiencies within the elements that must exist in preliminary information are caused by
• for keeping records of the transactions in which they provided intermediary service; and sharing these records
with public institutions, organizations and consumers upon request,
• from each transaction in which they cause by violating the intermediary service agreement, the seller and
providers violate their obligations regarding distance contracts,
• in cases where they mediate the establishment of a distant contract through the campaigns and discounts
they organize without obtaining the approval of the seller or supplier; and the goods or services subject to such
contracts cannot be delivered or performed at all or properly, such as inability to supply and insufficient stock,
• for the non-compatible information guaranteed in the advertisements that affect the shopping process of
consumers with the issues in the preliminary information presented to the consumer, and
• for establishing an uninterrupted system where consumers can send their notifications and requests regarding
the issues determined by the distance contracts regulation and follow up the issues determined in the regulation.

In addition,

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