State of Mexico – Cadastral Reforms

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On March 17, 2023, the “State Executive Agreement amending various provisions of the Regulation of Title Five of the Financial Code of the State of Mexico and Municipalities, was published in the Official Newspaper “Government Gazette” of the State of Mexico, called Del Catastro ”, which entered into force on March 20, 2023.

The reforms contained in the Agreement aim to establish the validity period of the cadastral and commercial appraisals, as well as the studies of commercial unit values ​​of land issued by the Directorate of Cadastre of Information and Geographical, Statistical and Cadastral Research of the State of Mexico (IGECEM) and update the definitions and descriptions of construction typologies, due to the fact that some construction materials and techniques used today are different from those considered 16 years ago, pointing out that the correct classification of the constructions and proper calculation of cadastral value. Read more

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