Update of current eHealth trends in CEE

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As previously reported, eHealth (including telemedicine) has been one of the fastest growing areas within the healthcare sector over the last two years. Governments as well as healthcare sector operators across Central and Eastern Europe and Turkey continue to implement new solutions with a view to improving the provision of healthcare services and to enhance the digitalization of healthcare systems.

Private healthcare providers and the various newly created eHealth providers and start-ups are crucial in pushing development in this highly dynamic area. Innovative solutions include online consultations and health examinations, the possibility of remote patient health data monitoring as well as electronic drug prescriptions. Most of the aforementioned countries are also improving their overall digital healthcare infrastructures, seeking to make the provision of healthcare services more efficient and also more secure.

Since our May 2021 report, several countries in the region have introduced improvements in the area of eHealth: New legislation creating a general legal framework for electronic healthcare has been adopted in the Czech Republic. The Serbian government has been preparing a plan to implement digitalization into its healthcare system. And the Turkish Ministry of Health has published new draft legislation to regulate a remote healthcare information systems framework.

Below we present updated country overviews of current eHealth trends across Central Europe and Turkey. The update also includes a country overview from the healthcare specialists…

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