What does the tenth package of sanctions against the Russian Federation contain?

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On February 25, the European Union adopted further restrictive measures against the Russian Federation. Ján Azud and Matej Škultéty explain what the tenth package of sanctions contains.

The latest package of anti-Russian sanctions, issued on the occasion of the first year since the outbreak of the armed conflict, introduces new restrictive measures in response to Russia’s continued actions to destabilize the situation in Ukraine. The sanctions list of natural persons has been expanded, the prohibitions regarding the transfer of firearms are tightened, and the package also includes other sectoral measures. What exactly does it contain?

Individual measures

First of all, to EU Regulation no. 269/2014 added another 87 persons and 34 entities responsible for actions that violate or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. ” For the first time, four natural persons of Iranian nationality who work in the top positions of companies involved in the research, development and production of Iranian unmanned aerial vehicles – drones” were added to the sanctions list, says partner Ján Azud .

The information regime regarding the frozen assets of these persons is also being tightened. All entities are obliged to provide without delay any information used to check compliance with the regulation, such as information on funds and economic resources in the EU territory belonging to persons on sanction lists. 

This information obligation also applies to Central Securities Depositories, which must also provide information on extraordinary and unforeseen losses and damages related to these finances and economic resources.

Sector measures 

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