Workplace Violence

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Workplace Violence and Harassment

Referring to violence and harassment in the world of work as unacceptable behavior is because it constitutes a violation or abuse of human rights and a threat to equal opportunities and is incompatible with decent work. The first and most important thing is to define what is considered violence and harassment according to ILO Convention 190 and how this issue has been addressed in our internal legislation and jurisprudence created by the National Labor Court of Appeals in relation to the issue.

Article 1 of ILO Convention 190 establishes that “…the expression “violence and harassment” in the world of work designates a set of unacceptable behaviors and practices, or threats of such behaviors and practices, whether they manifest a once or repeatedly, that have as their object, that cause or are likely to cause physical, psychological, sexual or economic harm, and includes gender-based violence and harassment…”

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