A Fragile Commodity: Trust in Life, Business and Law

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Trust is a fragile but powerful commodity. More than ever, trust is under threat in a world of fake news and disinformation. Yet, trust lies at the heart of both our personal and professional interactions. Without it, our ability to maintain successful relationships is diminished.

The podcast, The Trust Series offers lively and insightful conversation with thought leaders on the critical role trust plays in our lives. Enjoy honest discussions and interesting insights from our special guests in conversation with myself and Chris Downie, CEO of technology company, Pasabi as we explore the importance of trust across a broad spectrum of experiences from mentoring to online marketplaces.

For general counsels, trust plays an interesting and increasing role in what they and their teams do. In reality, it’s always been there- what is a contract but an expression of trust?

It’s no longer enough to say it’s legal; increasingly the role of the general counsel has to consider the whole range of legal and reputational risk.

“GCs are risk assessors, based on their understanding of the company, the law, the risk profile and their experience is where they start proving their value. The experience part is the intangible part and where we place trust.” Kate Burns, Former General Counsel, Not On the High Street.

Now, it’s about going that extra mile beyond just the letter of the law to ensure that your brand is really trusted. Arguably that’s become even more important as more of our lives have moved online. Trust online is developed and maintained in very different ways to that in real life: now we may never physically meet a large number of those we have to trust. How do we ensure these relationships are as authentic as the ones in real life?

The increase in online interactions has also brought with it an uptick in regulation but many general counsels feel that regulation is still playing catch up with reality.

The Trust Series looks at the experiences of a number of general counsels, business professionals and others in dealing with trust and explores the range of the different nuances of trust. The first four episodes cover, Trust in Recruitment; Trust in the Art market; Trust in Online Marketplaces and Trust in Mentoring.

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