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Featured in-house articles from the July 2021 issue of  the Top Ranked Legal Client Newsletter

No Place Like Home?

‘There’s no place like home.’ The main narrative in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz is that of going on a fantastic adventure and the strangeness encountered on that adventure, resulting in the reaffirmation of love for one’s starting point or home. When we get our organisational cultures right, they can certainly feel like a version of home – they feel safe. Robust cultures speak of teams like a family. This doesn’t mean there are no conflicts because, frankly, many families are full of conflicts; rather it’s that those within the organisational family feel they can be themselves and can dissent, diverge and be diverse without fear of reprisal…

Contributed by Dr Catherine McGregor                                                                            Full article


Establishing Credibility in the Boardroom

Recently, a highly respected Nigerian non-executive board director from my organisation offered me his observations on my performance as the general counsel of the bank. My immediate inclination was that I was about to get negative feedback. “Uh-oh” I thought. So I promptly informed him…

Contributed by Lesley Wan, General Counsel, FBN Bank Limited                             Full article.                          


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