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Managing Partner: Ignacio Temiño Ceniceros
Number of partners: 5
Number of other lawyers: 22
Languages: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Established in the year 2001, Abril Abogados was soon to become a prominent professional law firm with a strong reputation providing legal and registration services in the field of industrial and intellectual property law. Based on the founders’ market experience and expertise acquired after years of work and training in this area, Abril Abogados has become one of the fastest-growing firms in the Spanish legal sector. The firm’s team has currently over 40 people working from five offices based in the major Spanish cities. Abril Abogados’ broad expertise as agents and attorneys at law entails the best service to clients, endeavouring at all times to achieve maximum protection and results in the most cost-effective manner.

Main Areas of Practice:

Patent & Designs
Criminal Actions
Copyrights & Media
Data Protection
Technology Transfer
Valuation of IP Rights
New Technologies
Life Science
Litigation & Procedural
Product Compliance
Marketing & Advertising Law
Border and Customs Measures

Abril Abogados’ routine tasks include securing protection for any type of distinctive signs. The firm’s condition of both Spanish and EU Patent and Trade Mark Agents allows the firm to represent its clients before the competent Authorities.

The perfect combination of prosecution and advisory skills allow the team to excel in brand portfolio development; filing and prosecuting, through to enforcement; CTM litigation before national Courts and Luxembourg Courts.
Contact: Carolina Montero; Patricia Revuelta

Spanish, International & National Foreign TM:
Services include advising on trade mark filing strategy; prosecution; monitoring and defending trade mark rights; licensing and coexistence or settlement agreements; providing strategic advice relating to multi-national portfolios and interactions between jurisdictions.
Contact: Isabel García; Carolina Montero

The combined know-how and experience of the firm’s Legal and Technical Departments allow the state of the art to be analysed and the best possible protection strategy to be designed. Abril Abogados’ clients in this area include both private and public enterprises engaging in research and development in such highly-specialised sectors as biotechnology, software and hardware, electronics, etc. The firm assists innovators in the drafting and prosecution of patents at both national and international level, as well as in patentability search reports risk, patentability and infringement actions and assistance in litigation proceedings. They also have valuable expertise in commercial viability (FTO), expert reports due diligence studies and in-depth evaluations of patents portfolios and in resolving disputes through amicable resolutions or through litigation.
Contact: Elena Mira; Carlos Baños.
Contact for Transactions: Salvador Díaz

Life Science:
The firm has built up a multidisciplinary team made of lawyers, attorneys and engineers specialised in Biochemistry, Pharmacy and Biomedicine able to provide its clients with a complete protection assessment within all the different stages of the investigation projects. The firms’ technical and chemical engineers have significant experience in participating in lawsuits as expert witnesses, and its’ lawyers regularly handle litigation matters in ‘life science’ subjects, e.g. generics.
Contact: Carlos Baños; Contact for Transactions: Ignacio Temiño

The client base in this area is quite varied, ranging from individuals, such as authors, artists and composers, to sector groups, Internet companies, software programmers, publishers, producers, advertising agents, media, etc. Routine tasks in this practice area may range from catalogues and advertising audits, to drafting agreements and conducting complex negotiations with different local and foreign copyright collecting societies.
Contact: Rubén Canales

Data Protection/Privacy:
Due to its complex nature and to the fact that its regulations generally affect all market players, this field has doubtless become a branch of law in itself. Accordingly, the firm resolved to deal with it separately from other areas and delved into it in depth, consolidating an everevolving area that requires a diligent and professional assessment in which Abril Abogados provides a reliable professional service. Since GDPR imposes several obligations to all those that deal with personal data Abril Abogados provides to the clients’ comprehensive assessment. In this respect, Abril Abogados also acts as Data Protection Officer (DPO) in mandatory cases or when companies voluntarily wish to have such a figure as a preventive advisor
Contact: Ignacio Temiño; Rubén Canales

Abril Abogados has a long experience in acting and defending at court patent rights, author rights, trademark rights and the same. The firm’s team of litigators is specialised in drawing and conducting the best strategy case by case, applying their knowledge and practice in IP law to all contentious actions, including arbitration, mediation and settlement negotiations. Only the proper procedural background and instruction in the defense of these kinds of rights will enable the legal proceedings to be suitably addressed and the desired outcome achieved. The professional team endeavors to combine both facets.
Contact: Jorge Oria
Criminal Proceedings: Fernando Ortega

Valuation of Intangible Assets:
For most companies, the IP assets represent a high percentage of their value since their revenue, and sustainability is directly linked to intellectual property and intangible assets. Despite its importance, valuation of intellectual property, and valuation of intangible assets, generally, is still an emerging field. The team, in the belief that valuation of IP is increasingly important to business success, has specialised and has built up significant experience on the different types of intangible assets valuation
Contact: Carolina Montero

Product Compliance:
The team has wide experience compliance of products and services with Spanish standards and legal requirements (safety requirements, advertising, packaging, labeling, etc.). The more relevant conducted works were in the field of consumer products, alcohol and tobacco.
Contact: Rubén Canales

Marketing & Advertising Law:
The firm has consistently evolved assessing in Sponsoring and advertising works, in particular on the internetbased campaigns. The practice also covers very specific areas regarding the local Labelling of Products as well as contests and promotions. The firm also has wide experience in Procedures before Advertising Self-Control Entities and Consultation.

The firm is representing media companies, collecting societies, advertising enterprises as well as companies in the manufacturing, trade and service businesses relating to competition, patent and trademark matters. Members of GALA
Contact: Ignacio Temiño

Customs Procedure:
The legal team has a wide experience in dealing with the customs authorities (national, community and international) and helping the clients with the interventions by lodging applications with the Customs to take action against goods infringing intellectual property rights.
Contact: Fernando Ortega

Key Contacts

Managing Partner:

Ignacio Temino

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Lawyer Rankings

Carlos Gonzalez Valdes

Band Three

IP: Trademarks
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Fernando Ortega Sánchez

Band Four

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Ignacio Temiño

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IP: Trademarks

Band Three

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