Domain Names: Whois Disclosure System

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It is known that with the application of the EU GDPR in 2018, access to the whois of domain names became a problem.

In the context of ICANN 75, the Whois Disclosure System (WDS) was discussed, which aims to create a system that, on the one hand, complies with the EU GDPR and respects the rights data protection; and, on the other hand, be able to create an easy way for brand owners to request registration data from ICANN-accredited registrars.

To connect the wish of trademark owners with Registrars, this system would be accessible through an ICANN account where a request would be made, and the system would notify the Registrar. However, this is not a mandatory system for Registrars and would only work for those who agree to participate. In addition, the request for registration data does not imply that the information will be given, since the request can be totally or partially denied by the Registrar, even if the reasons have to be indicated. Likewise, in the event that the Registrar requires further verification of the identity or legal basis of the applicants, this must be done outside the system. Read more

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