Are Special Regimes Above Data Protection Law?

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Law 81/2019 on the Protection of Personal Data in Panama exempts from its scope of application, those procedures that are expressly regulated by special laws or by the regulations that develop them.

However, the provisions and postulates on the protection of personal data contained in Law 81/2019 and Executive Decree 285/2021 are only minimum standards, so they will serve as supplementary and non-exclusive rules of other special laws on the matter, especially in relation to the processing and custody of data.

Therefore, it is important to take into consideration that the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and its Regulations represent the general regime for any processing of personal data, without prejudice to the obligations imposed by the special rules of each matter.

In the case of subjects regulated by a special law, provided that issues related to the processing of personal data are included, Law 81/2019 and its Regulations will be considered as a general regime and minimum standard of compliance to guarantee the correct protection of personal data…

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