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Firm Overview:

Legalité is a Prague based law firm providing high quality legal services in a national and international context. It is supported in Slovakia and has contacts within Europe, Asia and America. The team comprises leading law experts in various fields with many years of experience in advocacy and also in an academic and business environment.

Our priority is to listen closely to our clients and offer them practical solutions. We are defined by our specialization, expertise, quality and ambition.

Having a team of specialists for specific areas of law provides our clients with a significant competitive advantage and certainty in all their critical steps.

Our team has an exceptional knowledge of Czech and international law, represents a unique advisory unit. This is especially true for individuals and firms that have ambitions at an international level.

The reputation of our firm is not only based on high quality legal services, but also good and fair relations with our clients that manifest in a mutual respect and ability to agree on an adequate and mutually acceptable fee for our expert legal services.

Our emphasis on accepting demanding and specialized cases, allows our lawyers to show their strengths and shows our ambition to always work with the best.

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Mgr. Marie Janšová


JUDr. Vít Horáček, Ph.D.

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