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Fenix Legal KB is an IP boutique with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Jönköping. The team consists of the unique combination of patent and trademark attorneys, lawyers, as well as business consultants and branding experts, in order to serve clients with “Business focused Intellectual Property”.

Here, patent and trademark prosecution and litigation, copyright protection and litigation, our annual IPDD, Fenix Patent Watch service, our trademark watch service .fenixsearcH, global service connection, IP disputes, mediation by our Registered Mediators, and business / license agreement practice are important parts of creating and keeping IP protection – especially when it comes to new technology, entertainment and pharmaceutical industry. We have become well known to solve patent cases in a cost-effective and inventive way delivering high quality work.

We are also handling domain name disputes, as panelists and attorneys, in Swedish and international cases, including .se/IIS, .eu/Czech Arbitration Court, UDRP, URS, PDDRP, RRDRP and SDRP by the US-based Forum and WIPO.

Fenix Legal’s attorneys assist in the creation of and negotiation related to international business agreements, where the parties involved focus on the IP protections to expand business and co-operation.

International companies, authorities, inventors, artists, politicians / Swedish political parties have turned to our experts on consultation related to IP protection, online business and law.

Practice areas & sector specialisations

Copyright, Designs, IP transactions, Life sciences, Patent contentious, Patent litigation, Patent office proceedings, Patent prosecution, Patent strategy & counseling, Trade mark contentious, Trade mark litigation, Trade mark office proceedings, Trade mark prosecution, Trade mark strategy & counseling

Sector Expertise: Advertising, Artificial intelligence, Biotechnology, Computer technology & services, Chemistry, E-commerce, Fashion & luxury goods, Film, Food & beverage, Healthcare, Internet, Life sciences, Media, Medical device, Telecommunication, Technology hardware, Publishing, Professional services, Pharmaceutical, Construction & materials, Financial services, ICT & software, Industrials, Mechanical, Nanotechnology, Electronics, Gaming, Manufacturing

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Maria Zamkova

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Halloumi vs Falloumi: Firmer protection needed for Cypriot cheese

Do you produce a specific cheese, in a certain country/area, with specified ingredients and identified by a specific name, and want to avoid parasites? Well, there are different ways to get decent protection. The most effective protection is still traditional trademark registration, with the trademark owned by a single company or organisation owned by the […]

03 May 2022
Will Sweden Ever Take the Lead as the Most Innovative European Country

Sweden has once again taken the second place in the Global Innovation index (Gil) and has the largest number of European patent applications per capita of the European countries in 2020, according to the European Patent Office (EPO). In this article, we compare Sweden with the top ranked index leader, Switzerland, and analyse what needs […]

02 Dec 2021
Degeneration, negative secondary meaning, and regeneration of trademarks – how to act?

Petter Rindforth, Managing Partner at Fenix Legal, explains the possible lifecycles of a trademark and the importance of creating a generic descriptive word to protect your trademark over time. The Corona pandemic (covid-19) has not only attacked millions of people physically around the world, it has also made a large negative impact on companies and […]

29 Nov 2021
Mr. and Ms. AI – Sweden prepares for inventors that are Artificial Intelligence

Maria Zamkova, CEO at Fenix Legal, discusses the future of patenting AI in Sweden and the likelihood of AI being named inventor in future patent applications. Artificial Intelligence (AI), the area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and reacts like humans, has for a long time been an interesting […]

26 Oct 2021
Despite COVID-19 – The Swedish Intellectual Property Office maintains its international training programs

The Swedish Intellectual Property Office (PRV) has for nearly 30 years co-operated with the Swedish government agency for development cooperation – Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency). Sida’s activities are funded through Swedish tax revenue, and through cooperation with civil society, multilateral organizations, public agencies and the private sector, Sida works for sustainable development and […]

10 Oct 2021
EUIPO’s CF similarity tool: Useful or confusing?

EUIPO’s CF similarity tool Useful or confusing

10 Oct 2021

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