Chris Van Olmen and Global Labour & Employment Colleagues Recognised

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WWL is an international legal ranking service which every publishes a guide of lawyers in certain legal domains, like Labour, Employment & Benefits. Lawyers can be included in the guide on the basis of nominations by their peers. Next to the inclusion in the guide, WWL also publishes al ist of Thought Leaders. These are the lawyers that have received the most nominations from their peers, corporate counsels and other market sources. In general, only one on every six lawyer which is included in the guide makes it to the Thought Leader list. Another step beyond the Thought Leaders is the very selective list of Global Elite Thought Leaders. For Labour, Employment & Benefits 2022 in the EMEA region, this list only contains 17 names.

Chris Van Olmen is  included in this exclusive list, together with four other L&E Global colleagues: Christian Oberman (Palthe Oberman, The Netherlands), Tobias Pusch (Pusch Wahlig Workplace Law, Germany), Olivier Kress (Flichy Grangé, France) and Angelo Zambelli (Zambelli & Partners, Italy). Therefore, L&E Global occupies almost 1/3rd of the EMEA list. Chris is one of two Belgians. Outside of EMEA, L&E Global colleagues feature in the Global Elite Thought Leader List of Latin America (Oscar De La Vega Gomez at De La Vega & Martinez Rojas in Mexico and Alexandre de Elmeida Cardoso at TozziniFreire in Brazil) and Asia-Pacific (Avik Biswas at Induslaw in India).

WWL states that Chris Van Olmen is applauded for his vast experience in the employment field, where he advises domestic and international clients alike.

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