IA continues to navigate through the digital era consolidating its Legaltech and Startups Department.

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IA strengthens its department with the firm commitment of providing comprehensive legal counsel to companies seeking to transform and adapt to the new digital environment.

Nowadays and with the constant changes in the business world, being “digital” is no longer an option. With the constant digitization of our society, the need to understand and address the legal problems of this phenomenon is a necessary issue on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, following our philosophy of thinking and acting outside the box, at IA we have assumed the task to keep up with the daily innovation, through continuous training and adoption of new legal capacities.

As proof of this philosophy, we strengthen our Legaltech and Start-ups Department as a need to fulfil today`s needs.

Our legal knowledge will help clients be counselled in Cybersecurity and Technological Compliance, in matters such as digital transformation and secure implementation of automated processes, security in terms of data protection and compliance with regulations in the development of electronic commerce. This will allow clients to adequately comply with the regulations that oversee contractual aspects by technological means and the processing of personal data, be aware of the new extensions and potential conflicts in Intellectual Property that may arise between a brand and its domains and the new legal regulation for patents and utility models, as well as the responsibility and protection required in the processing of personal data, which digital reality entails; amongst other issues.

Nataly Cuellar, who at the beginning of 2021 has completed a program in Digital Law and Contracting at IE Law School, alongside Juan Pablo Sanchez who recently returned from Barcelona, Spain where since 2020 he studied the Master of Specialization in Law of Information and Communication Technologies, Social Networks and Intellectual Property, taught by the renowned global academic institution ESADE Business & Law School, head the Department.

“Having the opportunity to pursue a Master’s degree at an institution of the prestige of ESADE meant not only academic growth but also personal and professional growth. Therefore, with the experience acquired through the IT + IP Master, I will be able to provide legal counsel to our clients in the new ventures that they decide to undertake, regardless of the level of innovation that it may imply.”, indicates Juan Pablo Sanchez.

“It is an honor to welcome back one of our professionals who has been part of our team since his formative years, who continuous to show his desire of growth by pursuing his professional formation at higher levels. With the arrival of Juan Pablo, we can announce that we have a team prepared to provide counsel on all matters that our clients may require finding solutions for each situation that may arise, in addition to reinforcing networking and connection in different jurisdictions for global support.”, concludes Alonso Indacochea, Managing Partner of IA.

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