Regulation for competition in the telecommunications market in Costa Rica: a paradigm shift

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The famous English economist John Hicks was once asked: What is monopoly? To which the Nobel Prize winner replied: The quiet life (Hicks, 1935).

On the other hand, competition, as the famous American judge Learned Hand said at the time: is a constant stress; the lack of competition acts as a narcotic, while rivalry is the stimulant of economic progress [United States v. Aluminum Co. of America, 148 F.2d 416, 427 (2d Cir. 1945)].

It is thus, precisely thanks to this concern not to lose their customers, that the entrepreneur strives to do everything possible to reduce costs, offer lower prices, improve the quality of service and customer treatment, all of which generates two benefits: the first in the production and the other in the distribution of what is produced; that is, the first in the cake and the second in which it is eaten (Ordóñez, 2000).

Well, not long ago in Costa Rica there were waiting lists to acquire a cellular line and you had to wait several months for an Internet connection for your home or office. However, with the opening of the telecommunications market, starting in 2011, all this changed. It is not a cliché or hyperbole, nor is it mere rhetoric or fallacious hypothesis, it is the reality that the hard facts show in our telecommunications market, finally open to competition.


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