Usufruct of shares

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The usufruct is a right that gives a third party the possibility of using and enjoying an asset that does not belong to them and grants them the possibility of making their own the fruits that it produces, in this case, they would be the civil fruits that are those that come from businesses where money is mediated. This third party must always keep the property without making changes to it and does not have the power to dispose of it, since it corresponds exclusively to the owner.

The full domain of the good is divided into two:

  • Bare ownership : It is the right of a person (called bare owner )to own a property with the limitation of not being able to use, enjoy or enjoy it.
  • Usufruct: It is the right of use, enjoyment and enjoyment of a person (called usufructuary ) over the property that belongs to the bare owner.

These are different rights that fall on the same property, but they cannot fall on the same person since when the usufruct is extinguished, the property is reconsolidated. Read more

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