“War! What Is It Good For?

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Helping Your Business Avoid Insurance Coverage Battles for Losses Flowing from the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict”

Shale Magazine

In a recent Shale Magazine articleWilliam McMichael, associate in our Insurance practice, discusses the business insurance implications of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, including recent relevant court rulings, and shares steps businesses can take to maximize recovery for potential losses flowing from the conflict.

Nearly all modern insurance policies include some version of a ‘War Exclusion,’ a standard provision that excludes coverage for losses arising out of ‘war’ or ‘warlike action.’ However, the path to recovery may not be as bleak as one might anticipate, advises McMichael, who specializes in complex insurance coverage. He further notes that whether a loss flowing from the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict is barred from coverage requires highly fact-intensive analysis.

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