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Firm Profile:

Founded in 1997 by Marc Bornhauser, a specialist in Tax Law

Keeping a critical eye on the tax optimizations developed, the firm has developed an activity of assistance in matters of tax control and litigation to the point of making it one of the major areas of expertise along with Family, Inheritance and Planning Law.

Our reputation has enabled us to create partnerships with the major players in asset management (Private Banks, Asset Managers, Family Office, etc.) while maintaining total independence, guaranteeing the quality of our firm’s services.

Offering our services in French, English and Russian. We also have a network of very efficient foreign correspondents, particularly throughout Europe, the United States, Asia, Reunion, Mauritius, etc.

The practice revolves around a bond of reciprocal trust between the lawyers and his clients.

Based on this observation, our firm has chosen to keep a structure on a human scale.

This close link between client and lawyer allows us to provide dedicated and relevant advice with the utmost discretion.

  • A single point of contact within the firm
  • Direct and permanent contact with the lawyer in charge of the case
  • A precise and practical answer engaging our responsibility
  • Support for the client in the realization of the plans proposed or validated by the firm
  • A presentation of the projects to the client before sending them to the tax authorities or to the courts for validation
  • A clear and precise invoicing policy from the start of the relationship, adapted to each situation


Private Client

Tax and Social Control and Litigation

Property Taxation

Family and Heritage Law

Professional Activity Taxation / International Taxation

Tax and Social Compliance

Sports Law


Inheritance Law


Marc Bornhauser – Tax law

Nicolas Philippe – Tax litigation

Ariane de Guillenchmidt Guignot – Family, patrimony and Successions Law, Sport Law and criminal Law

Key Contacts

Managing Partner:

Marc Bornhauser
+33 (0) 1 44 29 33 24


Nicolas Philippe
+33 (0) 1 44 29 33 24


Ariane de Guillenchmidt-Guignot
+33 (0) 1 44 29 33 24

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Interposition of a foreign company: for whom does the death knell sound?

We know that the interposition by a French taxpayer of a foreign company to hold a financial asset is particularly frowned upon by the French tax authorities when the foreign company benefits from a more favorable tax regime than if it were established in France. The classic angle of attack for the administration is to contest […]

01 Mar 2022
Construction lease and sale of land: persevare diabolicum

Some people regularly complain about case law that undermines the sacrosanct tax-accounting connection and they are quite right. But there is something even more serious: the discrepancies between the judicial and administrative jurisdictions, because they unnecessarily harm the intelligibility and predictability of the standard. Fortunately, they are increasingly rare because the dialogue of our supreme courts, Council […]

31 Jan 2022
2018 Income Tax Vintage, increased recovery time

In principle, the period for resumption of ordinary tax administration expires at the end of the third year following that in respect of which the tax is due.  By way of derogation from the provisions of the first paragraph of article L. 169 of the LPF, section 2 of L of II of article 60 […]

21 Dec 2021

The ISF, but also the most classic international mobility, has led many French to settle abroad, mainly in Belgium, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, but also in Italy, Portugal and Morocco. In an attempt to mitigate the consequences of their departure for public finances, at the end of 1999 the legislator modified the territoriality of […]

26 Nov 2021

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